fCciJE WINEÉ tmm Perth A Perth trendsetter, the Court Wine Bar, gives Heineken a lot of support. Heineken sales were up by 35% on 1992. For the current year we again expect an all time high. That success is due chiefly to our efforts to be ac tive in the on premise outlets. Particularly in the Northbridge dis trict, the main nightlife area, we are much more strongly represented than before." Michael Stephen admits that it is easier to sell Heineken in the on pre mise outlets in Western Australia. "The nightclubs in Perth charge less for a bottle of Heineken than those in, say, Melbourne and Sydney. The local beer here costs three dollars, Heineken is sold for four." Working to improve the position of Heineken in the on premise outlets is, says Michael Stephen, essential for the development of Heineken: "If you get it right in the on premise, then eventually you'll get it right in the off premise outlets." By now sixty per cent of Heineken Beer in Western Australia is sold via the on premise outlets. A percentage which the other states are still seeking to emulate. Mr Stephens is selective in his choice of on premise outlets for Heineken. He seeks outlets which fit in with the Heineken identity. Local bars selling beer on draught are not considered to be target outlets, since draught beer in Australia is regarded as a beer for the lower classes. Mr Stephens is pleased with an outlet like the Court Wine Bar. This bar and restaurant is a trendsetter for Perth. Trayne Andonovski, co-owner of the Court Wine Bar, supports Heineken where possible. His most important reason for that support is the Heineken image. "We like the prestige of the product. Besides, I think that the Inchcape people do their job well. We get a lot of support from Inchcape in the form of POS materials, for instance clothing for our bar staff." Sponsorships Of the three international sponsor ship events in Australia (the Heineken Australian Golf Open, the Whitbread Race for the Heineken Trophy and the Heineken Classic), two take place in Western Australia itself. All three events help to boost brand awareness for Heineken. Especially the two sponsorships in Western Australia (the Whitbread Race and the Heineken Classic, both in January 1994) have been of great help. Michael Stephens: "Two sponsor ships, one just after the other, keep the name Heineken up front. Besides, the Whitbread Race for the Heineken Trophy and the Heineken Classic are ideal events for us to show hospitality to our best customers and strengthen our relationship with them." At the end of the tournament Mel Sherwin is pleased to note that the Heineken Classic has not only brought direct increases in beer sales but has also brought indirect benefits. Contacts have been established, relationships strengthened, agree ments made. Classic More than anything, the annual Heineken Classic golf tournament therefore offers Inchcape opportuni ties to act as host to business relations, for instance by inviting them to play in a pro-am. Just like every year this year's Heineken Classic was again played on the superb golf course at the Vines Resort, managed by Dutchman Edzard van Basten-Batenburg. This up-scale resort is located about thirty kilometres outside Perth and is a favourite destination for golf en thusiasts wanting to combine rustic surroundings with de luxe accommo dation. There are bungalows in the resort which can be rented or bought. The 1994 Heineken Classic was organised by Tony Roosenburg, a Dutchman who settled in Australia years ago and has specialised in orga nising golf tournaments, in close cooperation with Heineken. The Heineken Classic is his favourite tour nament, also because of its relaxed atmosphere. The tournament may not have the prestige of the international top events but it is given huge

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