image in Australia. It was seen as a beer for the somewhat older consu mer. Thanks to a new TV commer cial, which caused quite a stir, we've started to blow some of the cobwebs off the Heineken image." Top of mind Michael Porra, Director of Client Service and Account Director of adver tising agency Marketforce, explains the new campaign. "For two years the consumer had heard nothing about Heineken and sales were dropping fast. The consumer hadn't really for gotten the product, but Heineken was no longer top of mind. Before we devised the campaign, research was conducted into what consumers see as the strong and weak points of the Heineken brand in Australia. The number of strong points was striking: the world's biggest seller, European, green bottle, expensive and for special social occasions. The weak point was that in the eyes of the target group, A- B males between 25 and 35, Heineken had changed into a 'dad's beer'. Young people walked away from it. At that point Heineken was failing to make people feel special", explains Michael Porra. With the survey outcome in 'back of mind', Marketforce faced a major challenge: could they again create a sense of uniqueness for a product which, despite impeccable creden tials, was on a gradual downward slide? The campaign could not be based on a 'lifestyle' theme. That 1980s phenomenon had meanwhile been rejected by the Australian consumer. According to Marketforce, the 1990s are the decade of being uni que, of discovery, of making your own choices. Thumbprint Marketforce devised the concept of the thumbprint campaign. A green print of a thumb as the reflection of the unique nature of every individual personality. During the commercial this thumbprint changes into the Heineken label. The message is that Heineken, too, is unique. Whilst the underlying idea of the campaign was good, its execution was - to put it mildly - brilliant. During the campaign's first week only the thumbprint was shown in a 15-second TV commercial with the pay-off line: 'It's as original as you are'. There was absolutely no link with Heineken. The commercial confused consumers and also aroused their curiosity. Which was exactly what Marketforce, Inch- cape and Heineken were aiming to do. One week later came the start of phase two of the campaign: linking the 'original' with Heineken Beer. Four other commercials have meanwhile been produced, all based on Ihe thumbprint message but with minor adaptations. A voice-over now tells the story more clearly, yet without destroying the mystery of the commercial. Marketforce decided on modifications after market research had shown that the campaign had created slightly too much confusion in the minds of consumers. Michael Porra explains: "We made the switch from difficult-to-understand and intri guing to a more understandable message. The start of the campaign may indeed have been a little difficult for the consumer to grasp, but we had to do that to effectively put across the unique aspect of Heineken. Subse quently, the voice-over was used to give the product more brand identity". Coverage Heineken, Inchcape and Market- force deliberately opted for a tele vised campaign, not for one in the print media. Even apart from the fact that the special execution of the cam paign would not have come across forcefully enough in the print media, television reaches a much wider audience than newspapers and magazines. Apart from the lower coverage, there was another reason to disregard the print media: the target group for Heineken is not found amongst traditional newspaper readers or magazine buyers. Efforts were therefore focused on television. According to Marketforce some segmentation exists between the television stations. And yet too much weight must not be attached to this segmentation. Viewers are loyal specifically to certain programmes rather than to an individual network. Advertising for alcoholic beverag es is subjected to restrictions in Australia. No beer commercial will be THE WORLD OF HEINEKEN

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