Draught beer 4 perfect pint Nick Collins, marketing manager of Inchcape Bahrain, believes it is absolutely essential that the bartenders should be informed about beer and how it should be treated. In many bars, claims Mr Collins, presentation of the beer could be improved. Heineken and Amstel combined are easily the market leaders in the Gulf. Under the motto "noblesse obli ge", therefore, Heineken and Inch- cape feel it is their duty to teach the In the Gulf states of Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Oman a quality project has been started to teach bartenders how to serve the perfect pint. The project has been set up by Inchcape Middle East, the agent for Heineken and Amstel in the Gulf, in cooperation with Heineken. bartenders a number of ground rules via a short course. The course is called 'a perfect pint' and lasts two-and-a-half hours. According to Nick Collins, the meeting must not last any longer than that, as otherwise the attention of the participants might start to slacken. During that space of time the barten der is informed about Heineken as a company and as a brand, about the brewing process and about how to serve a perfect pint. The underlying aim of the course is to obtain a leading edge in the draught beer market and to create a feeling of brand ownership and a sense of pride in the barmen attend ing the course. "We want to make it clear to the bartenders what position Heineken and Amstel occupy in the world beer market. Besides, we want to put across the message that the bartender earns his money thanks to the consumer, which means that customer service is crucial." Professional In cooperation with Mart Jan Gerards, Area Export Manager of Heineken, Inchcape has compiled a manual which the sales reps use when giving the course. To prepare them for this work an external consultant was contracted to give them two days of lessons on presentation techniques. During the course not only the manual is studied but a video is also screened showing the Heineken commercials broadcast throughout the world. After completing the course, those attending are presented with a certificate stating that they are allowed to call themselves a 'Heineken Profes sional Barman'. Each participant also receives a special tie and a red tie-pin. To check that the bartenders have improved the beer presentation, a 'mystery drinker' visits the relevant bar some time after the meeting and passes on his findings to Inchcape. The sales rep then pays a visit to the bar and tells what the mystery drink er's findings were. If his verdict was positive, the sales rep hands over a silver tie-pin. If a second check shows that the bartender is doing good work, he is awarded a golden tie-pin. After the third check he receives the 'Heineken Master Barman' certificate. Commitment Inchcape has set itself the target of training all bartenders in the region before May 1995. New bartenders (there is a high staff turnover in this sector) are invited to Inchcape's office to attend the course. Incidentally, the course will not be a once-off event. Inchcape intends to organise a re fresher course each year so as to cre ate long term commitment to Heineken and Amstel on the part of the bartenders. Inchcape realises that rival brands may also profit from the course. But the fact that Heineken pioneered this course should, feels Nick Collins, give Heineken and Amstel an even bigger lead over the competition. THF. WORLD OF HEINEKEN

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