t CHALLENGE the strongest players from U.S. col lege basketball will then face a chal lenge from the national "dream teams" from Greece, France and Spain. In Italy a tournament known as the Buckler Challenge GIBA will be sponsored. This will also include a match between the best players from the West and East Italian leagues. College Lastly, in the winter of 1995 four college basketball teams from the United States will come over to Europe (Paris) to compete against each other for the Buckler U.S.A. Challenge. College basketball is extremely popular in the United 9 States, as today's college players are tomorrow's profs. Given the great interest shown in college basketball it is not surprising that the matches in THE WORLD OF HE1NEKEN Dream team Four different events will be organ ised during the year, all of them under the Buckler Challenge banner. The interesting aspect of this spon sorship is that Buckler consumers will also be able to participate in one of the events. In Spain, France and Italy a large number of cities will host short bas ketball contests, known as 3 on 3 games. The teams, wearing special Buckler 3 on 3 T-shirts, will compete for the top two placings in their leag ue. The winners from the respective countries will be invited to take part in the Buckler European Challenge which will be held in Zaragoza, Spain. Four mixed all-star teams (Spain, France, Italy and Greece) will then compete against each other. The second event is the Buckler Challenge. Over a two-week period A

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