Ier picks new Challenge with basketball t Buckler. CHALLENGE The Buckler Challenge will take place at various levels, ranging from matches between con sumers to contests between all-star "dream teams" from American col lege basketball playing against national all-star teams from Europe. The Buckler Challenge is the name of the new international sponsorship which Heineken will use to communicate the characteristics and image of Buckler over the next three years. Fast, young, dynamic, confident and international are the characteristics of basketball. Descriptions which also apply to Buckler. That is why global brand manager Gary den Hertog deci ded, in close consultation with the relevant operating companies, to use this sport - a new branch of sport for international sponsoring - to promote the Buckler brand. Image Over the past three years Buckler was closely involved in international cycle racing through its sponsorship of a Dutch racing team. The aim of that sponsorship was to build up aware ness of the Buckler brand with in Europe. Evaluation of the sponsor ship showed that Buckler had achieved its objec tive (75% brand awareness in the most important Buckler markets). In a subsequent sponsorship, there fore, brand aware ness would not take centre stage, but the Buckler image. A period then followed of in-depth analysis of branches of sport which might be eligible for a Buckler sponsorship and of what the details of such a sponsor ship should look like. A Popularity The choice of basketball was based in part on this sport's big (and still grow ing) popularity, especially in Southern Europe and in the United States, and also on the fact that Buckler holds a strong position in the Mediterranean countries. Buckler enjoys great suc cess above all in Spain and France. A highly popular sport attracts plenty of media coverage, particularly on television. But televised match reports are not limited solely to (Southern) Europe. Since American college teams were also introduced into the deal, sports channels in the U.S.A. promised to broadcast reports on how those teams perform in Europe. THE WORLD OF HEINEKEN

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