4 7 14 18 30 CONTENTS A. It u ys new member of Executive Board for Marketing A. Ruys (45) was appointed a member of the Executive Board of Heineken N.V. at the General Meeting of Sharehold ers held on 22 April 1993. Mr Buys will join the company on 1 September 1993 and will be responsible for the marketing function within the Executive Board. Mr Ruys is currently work ing within Unilever's Foods Executive where he is res ponsible for all foods busi nesses in Scandinavia, as well as for a number of businesses in Germany, the United King dom and the Benelux. From 1989 until October 1992 he was chairman of the board of Van den Bergh Neder land and also a member of the board of Nederlandse Unilever Bedrijven. Prior to that Mr Ruys, who joined the Unilever Group in 1974, had held various marketing and man agement posts in the Nether lands, Colombia and Italy. The World of Heineken is published by Heineken Internationaal Beheer and is issued at least twice a year in English and French. If you have any sugges tions or comments, please send them to: Heineken Internationaal Beheer: Corporate Public Relations Department, P.O. Box 28,1000 AA Amsterdam. Editor: Jan Kroese Translations: Alan Hemingway Photography: Pieter Boer (Amster dam), Fotopersburo Dijkstra (Uithoorn), Sjaak Ramakers (Utrecht), Paul Huf (Amsterdam), Olaf Smit (Den Bosch) and others. Design and Production: Obbes Primowees (Amsterdam) Printing: Haverlag (Zaandam) Print run: 12,500 copies. Partial or full reproduction of articles or illustrations in this publication is only permitted with the publisher's explicit consent. 1993 Heineken Internationaal Beheer B.V. Ray van Schaik After more than 37 years with the company, culminating in his chair manship of the Executive Board since 1990, Ray van Schaik has taken his leave. A portrait. Challenge The racing bike has been oiled and put away (Buckler Cycle Racing Team) and the basketball has come bouncing in (Buckler Challenge). A major international sponsorship aimed at strengthening the Buckler image, especially in Europe and the United States. Germany One of the most attractive, yet at the same time one of the world's most complicated beer markets is Germany. After lengthy deliberation, Heineken Beer was introduced in Germany on a small scale on 1 January this year. Murphy's Irish Stout In the world beer market increasing interest is being shown for stout. Particularly the Irish heritage of the product appeals to many consumers. Murphy's Irish Stout, brewed in Cork, Ireland, is the beer that is giving Heineken a foothold in the world stout market. Eastern Europe A European region with growth potential for Heineken: the former Eastern Bloc countries. Alle Yprna of Heineken Business Development talks about the problems and the opportunities. WORLD HEINEKEN

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