id Race Interest Interest exists all over the world lor the developments in the Whitbread Round the World Race for the Heineken Trophy. Big stacks of magazines and newspapers with reports on previous races prove that the Whitbread Race captures the im agination of more people than just yachting enthusiasts. An estimated 750 million viewers watched television pictures of the 1989-1990 race. Cameras on board several yachts and satellite links will enable millions of people to keep a close watch on progress. Race Village Heineken will be very prominently present in almost every port of call in the form of the Heineken Race Village which will be built on a jetty where the racing yachts are moored. The Heineken Race Village con sists of a large number of stands for hospitality activities or other forms of displays by various local sponsors. The Village also forms the venue for a variety of local events and entertain ment. Each Village contains four to six sales outlets for Heineken Beer, as well as a Heineken World of Sailing stand selling all sorts of Heineken yachting articles and clothing. At this moment consultations with the local Heineken agents are still being held about an expansion of the activities. Trial of endurance The ultimate battle against the ele ments of nature gets under way in Southampton in the South of England on 25 September. For more than a month the participants will then sail on the voyage of 5,938 sea miles to Punta del Este in Uruguay. The participants will stay in Uruguay for two weeks to rest and to make the necessary repairs to their yachts which have to endure a lot during the testing trips. The yacht crews can then also get themselves ready for the longest voyage in the Whitbread Race: the leg of 7,558 sea miles from Punta del Este to Fre- mantle on the West coast of Australia. After this trial of endurance, which lasts more than a month, the participants will stay in Australia until 9 January 1994 so that they can pre pare their yachts for the voyage to Auckland (New Zealand). At some 3,272 sea miles, this part of the race might seem easy, but the yachts still need about three weeks to complete the voyage. Southernmost lip The fourth leg (almost 4,000 sea miles) starts on 20 February and takes the participants back to Punta del Este again, sailing past the southern most tip of South America on their way. The yachts are scheduled to arrive in Uruguay in mid-March. On 2 April the starter's pistol will sound for leg No. 5. The destination, located almost 5,500 sea miles from Punta del Este, is Fort Lauderdale in the United States. At the end of April the yachts arrive in Florida where preparations can be made for the final leg in the Whitbread Race: the voyage from Fort Lauderdale back to the start in Southampton. At the beginning of June 1994 the winner of the Heineken Trophy will be known.

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