ineken Trophy ultimate goal for Whitbread contestants 34 On 25 September this year the starting shot will ring out. Nine months and almost 32,000 sea miles later one of the 28 participants will be presented with the Heineken Trophy. We're talking about the ultimate sailing event: the Whitbread Round the World Race for the Heineken Trophy. Ever since 1973 ocean yachting fanatics have been taking up the challenge every four years: sailing around the world in just under nine months. And the fanatics are growing in number. For the 1993 edition of this event a record total of 28 yachts have been entered in the two classes: the IOR Maxi and the Whitbread 60. As many as 32,000 sea miles, split over six legs, have to be covered by the contestants. Since each single leg is longer than the average ocean yachting race, Heineken has also made a Heineken Trophy available for the winner of each leg in both classes. WORLD HEINEKEN

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