w impulse for Heineken in Norway 32 Promotions for consumers as well as for the on-premise and the take-home channel, plus commercials on radio and television. These were the cornerstones for the relaunch of Heineken Beer, which is brewed under licence in Norway by Ringnes. The relaunch can be split into three parts. The introduction of Heineken Class One (more about this later) alongside the existing Heineken, intensified marketing efforts, especially in the area of advertising and sales promotion activities, and emphasis on sales of Heineken in the 35 cl bottle. Duties Almost the only beers available on the Norwegian market are locally brew ed beers (in the tising and promotions. "For a few years we are willing to accept a lower contribution in order to become profitable over the longer term", says Mr Greeve. Premium The aim of the relaunch is to re position Heineken Beer in the Nor wegian market and bring it into line with Heineken's position elsewhere in the world; emphasising the premium nature of the product and rejuve nating the brand image. The premi um segment in the Norwegian market is still underdeveloped and Ringnes can also see excellent opportunities for Heineken to achieve its objective - a dominant position in this segment. One of the ways of bringing the standard pack sizes of 35, 50 and 70 cl), since imported beers are not profitable because of extre mely high duties on one-way packs. The standard of living of the Nor wegians may be very high, but the same also applies to the cost of living. Even by Norwegian standards beer is an extremely expensive product, the reason being that the country has the world's highest excise duties on beer. Satisfactory Heineken has been brewed under licence in Norway since 1975. The start was promising and volume deve loped very satisfactorily. In the years that followed sales of Heineken were caught in a downward spiral. Michel Greeve, International Marketing Manager, was instructed to turn the tide and improve the image of Heineken Beer in Norway. In cooperation with the marketing management of Ringnes, a relaunch plan was developed consisting of sub stantial investments chiefly in adver Heineken Beer is busy rebuilding its presence in Norway. A large-scale relaunch started in March this year. Heineken image in Norway into line with that in the rest of the world is to refocus the marketing efforts on boosting the sales of the 35 cl bottle. At the present time the 70 cl bottle accounts for the lion's share of Heineken sales in the take-home channel. Since this format does not have a premium image for the Norwegian market, the 35 cl bottle is being promoted amongst consumers. I ,el t o I To establish a presence in the Tettol' segment as well, it has been decided to introduce Heineken Class One. This beer contains 2.25% alcohol. For the introduction of Heineken Class One a television commercial has been produced by J. Walter Thompson, Heineken's network advertising agen cy in Europe. Advertising for alcoho lic beverages is subjected to strict rul es in Norway. These rules are closely linked to the various classes of beers. Class one covers beers with a maximum of 2.5% alcohol, whilst class two (which accounts for ninety per cent of the beer market) is allow ed to contain 4.75% alcohol at most. Class three is for beers with more than 4.75% alcohol. Advertising is only permitted for class one and non- alcohol beers. Promotions Promotions have been organised in recent months both for the trade and the take-home channel as well as for the on premise sector and consumers. Brandmanager T.E. Bakken of Ringnes: "The outlets of all Heineken accounts can compete for a free trip to Holland to attend the Holland v. Norway soccer international on 9 June. The store which sells most Heineken Beer and which also sells 25% more beer than in the corres ponding period of last year will receive admission tickets." A similar sort of campaign has also been set up for the on pre mise trade, again with a trip to the international match in Holland as first prize. As part of this on-trade promotion, staff of hotels, restaurants and bars had to collect Heineken crown corks. Puerto Rico Consumers in Norway were able to enter a competition in which the main prize was a trip to the Heineken Jazz Festival in Puerto Rico. Inciden tally, the same promotion was also organised by Heineken Schweiz and the prizewinners in Switzerland were also able to go to Puerto Rico. Besides advertising and promo tions, efforts are being made this year to open up at least ten premium out lets in the form of Heineken bars. One bar has meanwhile been opened in Bergen and two bars are due to be opened in Oslo. According to Greeve, the image of these premium bars will have a positive effect on the desired positioning of the Heineken brand in Norway. THE WORLD OF HEINEKEN

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