Cool rucksack for Canary Islands Heineken Kayak Race from Wiwine Liusing, man ager of Rim Fa Co.; pic tured left is her husband Jéröme Mainquet who handled much of the organisation work. In Tahiti the very first Heineken Kayak Race was held some time ago. The race was organised by Kim Fa Co., importer of Heine ken in Tahiti, in coopera tion with two big canoeing clubs. The race, over a dis tance of 22 kilometres, was contested by 35 rowers. Before the race got under way, each participant was presented with Heineken shirts and a Heineken stic ker was affixed to each kayak. The winner in the men's section was Lewis Laughlin (pictured centre). He received the first prize This summer a major consumer campaign will again be held in off trade outlets in the Canary Is lands (meanwhile the sec ond biggest export market for Heineken). The prob lem each year is to come up with an idea for a multi functional pack in which at least eight cans can be kept cool and transported. The perfect solution was found: a coolbag whose top can be zipped open to reveal a rucksack section (see drawing). The first of these 'cool ruck sacks' have meanwhile ar rived on the Canary Is lands. Expectations are that as many as eleven thousand of them will be sold this summer. THE WORLD OF HEINEKEN

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