Hop on the bus! Drive Thru in Bahrain Heineken in Canada via Santa Fé 28 For some time now buses on Gran Canaria (one of the Canary Islands) have been displaying ad vertisements for Heineken and Buckler. In the past public transport was not suitable as an advertising medium, since the adver tisements on the buses were hand-painted and their quality was too poor to meet the high standards set by Heineken. Now that ready-printed advertising stickers can be affixed to the buses and since Heineken Canarias has also received guaran tees that the buses will be In the Gulf states of Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Oman the sale of alco holic beverages is sub jected to strict regulations because of the Islamic laws. Expatriates who have a liquor permit are allowed to purchase a pre-deter- mined quota of drink in special liquor shops. The quantity of drink that may be bought per month is stated on the liquor permit and is dependent on the level of the permit-holder's income. Another local rule is that alcoholic beverages must not be carried visibly in a public place. Within the rules of the law Heineken agent Gray McKenzie continues to look for possibilities of stimu lating the availability of Heineken and Amstel. One newly developed concept is the Drive Thru Shop; the customer can enter the shop by car, place an order and then drive out of the shop again with the pur chased products in the back of the car. BMMI, the Gray McKenzie office in Bahrain, describes the Drive Thru Shop as a great commercial success. THE WORLD OF HEINEKEN Santa Fé Beverage Company has been ap pointed the agent for Heineken Beer in Canada's Atlantic Provinces, Quebec and Ontario. Santa Fé is responsible for sales, mar keting and distribution. Ted Mealing, Area Export Manager Heineken Canada, explains why the choice fell on Santa Fé: "We chose Santa Fé be cause of their expertise in distributing imported beers in the Canadian market place. We are confident that Santa Fé will market the Heineken brand as suc cessfully as they have other imported brands." Santa Fé, a subsidiary of Molson Breweries, started operating in 1987 and has rapidly expanded to be come Canada's biggest im porter of premium and spe ciality beers. At the mo ment Santa Fé has fifteen imported brands in its range, plus Amstel and Amstel Light which are brewed under licence by Molson for the Canadian market. regularly cleaned, Heine ken on Gran Canaria has gained another eye-catch ing advertising medium. dJilj mil Drive - Thru

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