Heineken on the silver screen Heineken satisfied with sponsorship of World Cup Table Tennis in Vietnam 'Weekend at Bernies II' is the title of the American movie which was shot part ly on location in St. Thomas (Virgin Islands) and in which Heineken played a feature role. The film's director wanted to convey an accurate picture of St. Thomas. The island has many typical characteris tics, one of which is the number 1 position held by Heineken Beer. Negotiations between Heineken importer St. Thomas Food Products and the fdm's producer about product placement for Heineken Beer resulted in several scenes in which Heineken is prominently on view. The World Cup Table Tennis Championships were held in December last year in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). It was the first time that this event had been staged in Asia. As the main sponsor Heineken was satisfied about the extensive brand exposure on television. Normally speaking the world table tennis champi onships are held in August. However, because of the Olympic Games in Barcelo na, the tournament had to be postponed until Decem ber. This was the first inter national sports event to be held in Vietnam. Table ten nis is a highly popular sport in countries like Vietnam and China. One of the reasons why this image- promoting sponsorship was chosen is because Heinek en and Asia Pacific Brewer ies will be starting up their brewery in Ho Chi Minh City this coming autumn. In Vietnam plenty of attention was focused on the tournament on televi sion. As a tie-in to the spon sorship, airtime was also bought for Heineken TV spots during commercial breaks. Highlights of the world championships were broadcast in various coun tries in Asia, with the Heineken logo constantly on screen. Heineken was also present in the hospitality area with this stand and Heineken promotion girls. Around the arena the Heineken brand image was emphatically present. Pictured extreme right: Ma Weng Ge from China who subsequently won the title of world table tennis cham pion. «reel

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