During the 'Green Week', Germany's bigge st food trade fair, two Irish Ministers visited the Murphy stand. Minister for the Marine, David Andrews, serves a pint of Murphy's to his colleague, Minister Joe Walsh of Agriculture. litre kegs of Murphy's Irish Stout were shipped to Germany and, of course, McLaughlin's own pub was the first to boast a Murphy's dispenser on its bar. Optimistic McLaughlin's enthusiasm for Murphy's Irish Stout is infectious. Perhaps that partly explains the prod uct's success in Germany. Meanwhile, Murphy's Irish Stout is available in almost one hundred pubs in Germany and that number is steadily increas ing. Apart from a few exceptions they are all Irish pubs. The fact that the product is meanwhile also available on a small scale in the typical German bars makes Tom McLaughlin optimistic about the product's future. And yet he remains a realist when asked about the brand's position in five years' time: "I am convinced that the brand will be the strongest stout brand in Germany five years from now. That does not automatically imply high volumes because, despite the growing interest for stout in Germany, the seg ment is still small." In January this year Tom McLaughlin introduced the Draught- flow can in Germany during the Grüne Woche ('Green Week') trade fair in Berlin. In the home consumption channel he does see some possibilities, but these will be very modest. The on premise trade, and particularly the hotels and res taurants which would like to include Murphy's Irish Stout in their range but do not have sufficient sales to justify the installation of a draught dispenser, can be offered an excellent alternative in the form of the Draughtflow can. McLaughlin continues to aim his sights at the bars and specifically at the Irish pubs. Pubs in which the relaxed atmosphere is the main at traction, like the 'Oscar Wilde' in Berlin. The pub's proprietor is Jack Stout in their range. Kennefick says 24 that the American organisation is "enthusiastic and surprised by the success of Murphy's. The sales reps have gained a brand they feel an affinity with." Steadily, the distribution of Murphy's Irish Stout is being expan ded in the United States. Not only Irish 'strongholds' like Boston, Chicago and New York already sell Murphy's Irish Stout on draught. It is also available in California, Oregon, Washington and Florida. Both O'Sullivan and Kennefick have very high expectations for future sales in France and Germany. In France Murphy's Irish Stout is mar keted by Brasseries Heineken, a Heineken subsidiary. The brewery has a portfolio of foreign beers which Bob Kennefick chats to Tom McLaughlin, the agent for Murphy's Irish Stout in Germany. are offered to the trade under the title 'Bières du Monde' (Beers of the World). O'Sullivan is satisfied about the developments of Murphy's Irish Stout in France. Particularly in Paris and the West of France bottled Murphy's sells well. Germany Tom McLaughlin is a full-blooded Irishman, a wide smile, enterprising and friendly. At the end of the 1980s he sought and found success in Ger many and started what so many Irish men start abroad: an Irish pub. In Düsseldorf the McLaughlin Pub has been estab lished since 1989, his own local pub offering Irish hos pitality: easy going, relaxed. Naturally, McLaughlin did not deny his Irish heritage when se lecting the range to sell in his pub. One of the prod ucts he offered his customers was stout, but he was not satisfied with the service provi ded by the other brewery. In March 1991 Tom decided to seek contact with Murphy's Brewery in Cork. He talked at length with Bob Kennefick and the negotiations ulti mately resulted in Tom McLaughlin being appointed the Murphy import agent. He shares the import agency with Jürgen Keith, one of the Coca Cola bottlers in Germany, who also handles the distribution. In November 1991 the first thirty- THE WORLD OF HEINEKEN

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