Heineken noted that slowly but surely the German beer market was starting to change. Young consumers in parti cular do not limit themselves to the traditional beers but are seeking products with a brand image. These consumers live in Germany's big cities: Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt/ Wiesbaden, Diisseldorf/Cologne and Munich. INo'w or never Under the motto 'now or never' Heineken took the decision: to intro duce Heineken Beer on the German market at the beginning of 1993. In April last year the news was announ ced during the press presentation of the annual results for 1991.The en thusiastic media response to this news item created the impression that Heineken would soon take the German market by storm. Marketing Manager Thomas Hakkaart and Regional Export Manager Kees Brandt, who handled the preparations for the introduction, immediately made it clear that no spectacular developments are to be expected in the first few years. The share of imported beers in the German beer market may indeed be increasing, but it is still very small and, according to the experts, will provisionally remain small. Moreover, Heineken deliberately opted for a small-scale introduction. The big German cities referred to earlier form the key markets for Heineken; that is where Heineken will have to build up a premium position in the years ahead via local promotions, sponsor ships, highly focused advertising (in cluding cinema advertising in the big cities referred to above) and P.O.S. material. However, Heineken holds a strong trump card for success in due course; brand awareness is surprisingly high. Even before the product came on the market, aided recall of Heineken amongst premium beer drinkers in Germany was as high as 61%: more than some of the other imported brands that were already available in Germany. Green crate At the beginning of February the first lorries of Heineken Beer were tran sported to Germany from the brewery in Den Bosch. Heineken Beer has been introduced in Germany in the 20-litre keg and in a 33 cl bottle in a newly developed Heineken green returnable crate. Heineken has opted for returnable packaging not only because the German government has drawn up strict regulations for one way packs, but also because consum ers reveal a growing preference for this form of packaging. For the future the introduction of this green crate in other countries is being considered. In markets with THE WORE D OE HEINEKEN

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