all-scale introduction of Heineken in Germany In five biggest cities since January 1993 Albert Salfisschberger of the Heineken brewery in Den Bosch proudly displays the bottle for Germany. Heineken Beer is available in all corners of the world but it took until the beginning of this year before Germany could be added to the lengthy list of export markets. Germany: with a per capita consumption of more than 140 litres and almost eighty million inhabitants, the biggest beer market in the world. No wonder, then, that Heineken was often asked whether and when that white spot on the Heineken world map would be col oured in. Complex The fact that Heineken was interested in the German market had long been known. However, the German beer market is very complex and frag mented. More than thirteen hundred breweries are fully active in Germany; each brewery with its own highly regional market and with consumers who are loyal to their local brands. Heineken had set its sights on national distribution and had long been seeking a firm which could guarantee this, but the fragmented nature of the beer market ruled out large-scale distribution. At the beginning of this decade, following extensive market research, THE WORLD OF HEINEKEN

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