éwÊk VifJ I CHALLENGE is not surprising that the matches in Paris will be broadcast in the U.S.A. by America's biggest sports broad casting station ESPN. Teams from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Kansas have already promised to take part. Brand exposure As in the case of all Heineken corpo rate sponsorships, the basic aim of the Buckler Challenge is to achieve maximum TV brand exposure. Basketball is a telegenic sport which is eminently suitable for brand ex posure purposes. Buckler will be assured of extensive TV coverage in both Europe (primarily via the Buckler Challenge and the Buckler European Challenge) and in the United States (primarily via the Buckler U.S.A. Challenge). Every broadcast of the Buckler Challenge will start with a 20-second title sequence in which Buckler will be prominently on display. In ad dition, arrangements have been made to guarantee optimum exposure for the Buckler brand image during the match broadcasts by placing adver tising boardings along the sides of the playing area, a centre circle featuring the Buckler logo, Buckler shirts for every player, and a Buckler score board. The music composed for this title sequence has also been used in a commercial which has been produced in Spain. This commercial serves to communicate the link between bas ketball and Buckler in general and to tell the consumer about the Buckler Challenge in particular. Promotions The operating compa in Spain, Brasseries France, Birra Dreher Athenian Brewery in Gree nising all sorts of promotional hospitality activities. Consumer motions are focused in particular on the 3 on 3 matches. Several promo tions are also being organised at trade level. Besides this, exclusive selling rights have been secured for Buckler (and Heineken) at every big match and sampling will also take place during the many 3 on 3 matches. 11 A Buckler® THE WORLD OF HEINEKEN

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