Little boy grows into international beer giant Heineken: THE WORLD OF HEINEKEN A steady, successful expansion both geo graphically anti in product ranges. That's the best wiv to describe the history of Heineken. From its small beginnings w i t h one brewery in the very heart of Amster dam, Heineken has expanded to become the third-biggest brewing company in the world. In one hundred and fifty countries you can order a Heineken beer at the bar. guage until fifteen years ago, Heineken had already been putting the concept into practice for decades) helped Heine ken to build up a strong position in many countries. The 1987 results con firm the strength of Heineken's position. Net sales in 1987 amounted to 6,659 mill ion guilders and the net profit climbed to 287 million guilders. In 1987 as much as 43 million hectolitres of beer was brewed under Heineken supervision! From the United States to Singapore; Heineken beer is available in 150 countries all over the globe. We have to move the hands of our time machine hack to the year 1863 to find the roots of the Heineken concern. Gerard Adriaan Heineken, grandfather of A.H. Heine ken, the current chairman of the Execu tive Board, bought the centuries-old brewery called 'The Haystack' in that year and after a while he developed the Pilsener which decades later was to ex pand to become the world's most inter national beer brand: Heineken beer. Over the course of a century the beer's outstanding quality and system- matic and effective 'marketing methods (even though the word 'marketing' was not generally used in the Dutch lan-

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