Malaysia Cooperation with Bols for Benelux Heineken in China Merger in M'ï S HEINEKEN BUSINESSNEWS-HEINE KEN BUSINESS N EWS-HEINEKEN BUSINESS late the entire brewing process. Video display panels will show all information from the various departments such as the silo building, the brewhouse, the cel lars and the utilities building. At a glance the operator will be able to see which phase of the brewing process may possibly require adjustment. In that central control room the HTB specialists will also lay down the basis for a system of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM). With the aid of this data processing system all key fig ures needed by, say, management, quality assurance and stock control can be retrieved and displayed in the wink of an eye. The CIM system will not be installed immediately upon opening of the brewery. Its subsequent introduc tion will be taken into account during the assembly work so that the actual installation of CIM will present few problems. HTB has in the past designed many breweries throughout the world, but has never before tackled such an ambitious project. Simply taking a standard brew ery plan off the peg and then adapting it was not on for the HTB technicians. The Tuas brewery is something really special for both HTB and Malayan Brew eries. Malayan Breweries Malaysia, a subsidiary of Malayan Breweries Ltd. (in which Heineken has and 80% stake together with Fraser an Neave) is to cooperate with Guin ness Malaysia, which is part of Guinness PLC in London. The in tention is that both companies will be completely integrated. The new company will be called Guinness Anchor. The market base of both companies will be strengthened through the merger because of the strong range of brands they can offer in Malaysia, including Heineken, An chor, Guinness and Tiger. The new company plans to invest 45 million guilders over the next three years in modernising the brewery in Kuala Lumpur. Heineken plans to cooperate with Bols (an international drinks group) to create a better position for high-proof drinks in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxem bourg. The companies jointly an nounced this plan in December 1988. Because of various factors, including the discouragement pol icy applied by governments, sales of distilled products such as geneva, whisky, etc. have fallen sharply over the past ten years. By combining forces, both com panies expect to be able to bring the downward trend to a halt. Since 1st January this year Heine ken has also been active in the People's Republic of China. To gether with a number of partners a joint venture agreement has been signed with the Shanghai Mila Brewery. The Chia Tai Group Thailand and Beverage Invest ments, in which Heineken cooper ates with soft drinks producer Fraser and Neave, will be invest ing sixty guilders in the Yimin Brew ery in Shanghai in the years ahead. The project is of a small scale and should therefore be seen as an ini tial reconnaissance of the Chinese market by Heineken. According to the Heineken management, an in sight into the local brewing indus try can only be gained by actually being present there. It is not the intention that the Yimin Brewery will start brewing Heineken beer. 43 THE WORLD OF HEINEKEN

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