New brewery in Singapore opens mid-1989 I of Malayan Breweries Limited M (MBL) in Singapore is scheduled to start producing. This Heineken as sociate company will then be the proud owner of a highly advanced brewery whose standard of automation and tech nical ingenuity will even surpass that at the Heineken brewery in Zoeter- woude. Heineken Technical Services (HTB, the Heineken division whose specialisations include brewing technology and engineering) designed the brewery in cooperation with MBL as the user and is handling the construc tion, the installation of the equipment and the commissioning of the Tuas pro ject. Ultramodern Tnas 42 n August this year the new brewery This ambitious project by Malayan Breweries (whose main shareholders are Heineken and the Singapore-based Fraser and Neave) was cautiously started quite some years ago. The Tiger and Anchor breweries no longer met re quirements. The possible alternatives were: combining the two breweries in one of the existing locations, greatly modernising the breweries, or building a completely new brewery. In August 1986 the choice was made: on the Jurong Tuas industrial estate a new brewery was to be built with an annual capacity of 650,000 hectolitres. Incidentally, the required capacity has meanwhile already been raised to 735,000 hectolitres. The maximum at tainable capacity amounts to one mil lion hectolitres of marketable volume per year. Just over six months later the first piles were driven into the ground and in August last year the local con tractor set to work on laying the founda tions for the buildings. For more than a year now an instal lation team, including three HTB em ployees, has been hard at work on the site. Meanwhile the structural work has been completed for all the buildings and the main installations are in place. In phases The opening of the Tuas brewery means the closure of the Tiger and An chor breweries. Tb ensure that optimum use can be made of the Tiger and Anchor equipment, the transfer of production from the old breweries to the new one will take place in phases. When the 111 as brewery comes on stream this August it will have the same brewing output as the old Tiger brewery. The latter brewery can then be closed down, after which fifteen storage tanks and some other equipment can be relo cated to the Tuas brewery. Once these tanks have been installed, the new brew ery's capacity will equal that of the two old ones. Subsequently, the Anchor brewery can be closed. By about March 1990 all serviceable equipment will have been removed from the Anchor brewery and installed in Tuas. Central control room The Tuas brewery will have one cen tral operations and control room (unique in the brewing industry), from which it will be possible to supervise and regu- THE WORLD OF HEINEKEN

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