THE SINGAPORE I if 1 mm 40 The Singapore Heineken print campaign is devised with the intention of developing a high brand awareness for Heineken within the local market. The execution projects an exclusive user image so that Heineken is perceived as a brand for discerning consumers who really know what to look for in beer. Heineken is therefore to be associated with a different type of consumers who is knowledgeable, cultured and who appreciates the finest things in life and knows how to choose them. The overall result remains 'beery' but clearly differentiated in layout and page personality terms from other beer advertising currently seen in Singapore. Tan Seek Wee Marketing Manager Malayan Breweries Ltd. \\V ken you've just acquired a new objet d'art, appreciate the moment with one that can he tasted. Heineken ^^hen the computer has just declared your company in the Llach, celebrate with something refreshingly green. |§3 Hg i mmk;. Heineken THE WORLD OF HEINEKEN

Jaarverslagen en Personeelsbladen Heineken

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