4 14 40 CONTENTS 20 32 This is the first issue of The World of Heineken. This magazine is meant for Heineken's many busi ness relations and subsidiary com panies. We aim to keep you in formed at least twice a year about all aspects of our business, about our products and our export ac tivities. But the editors also hope to provide you with tips on practi cal matters, such as the treatment of beer, distribution, etc. The World of Heineken is published by Heineken Internationaal Beheer and is issued at least twice a year in En glish and French. If you have any suggestions or comments, please send them to: Heineken Internationaal Be heer, Corporate Public Relations De partment, P.O. Box 28, lOOOAAAmster- dam. Design: Obbes Primowees, Amster dam. Lithography: Lidro B.V, Zand- voort Printing: Drukkerij Haverlag, Zaandam Print-run: 8,000 copies. 1989 Heineken Internationaal Be heer B.V Partial or full reproduction of articles or illustrations in this publication is only permitted with the publisher's explicit consent. Heineken A little city brewery in Amsterdam ex panded in just over a century to become the third-biggest brewery group in the world. A trip back into the past and a description of the present on page 4 First class Heineken believes a first class beer de serves first class treatment. You can read how to bring out the best of that great Heineken taste on page 14 Bermuda In every issue of the World of Heineken an extensive feature article on one of the export countries. The small island of Bermuda sets the ball rolling. This article focuses on Heineken importer Burrows Lightbourn and Amstel impor ter Gosling Brothers. How they operate is described on page 20 1 salt Buckler Last year Heineken introduced the non- alcohol beer Buckler in several Euro pean countries. You can read about all the work that preceded the launch of Buckler on page 32 Singapore Although Heineken is a world wide brand, for every local market a tailor made advertising campaign is develo ped. In this first issue of The World of Heineken we focus on the Heineken campaign in Singapore. Malayan Brew eries marketing manager Tan Seek Wee explains the intention of the cam paign on page 40 THE WORLD OF HEINEKEN

Jaarverslagen en Personeelsbladen Heineken

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