Fifteen years Heineken beer licence in Jamaica One of the oldest licences for Heineken heer in the Caribbean region Is held by the brewery of Desnoes and Geddes Ltd. in Jamaica. For fifteen years now Heineken beer has been brewed there and, particu larly in recent years, with great success. Both the market share and sales of Heine ken beer have shown substantial growth. The Jamaican is proud and self-assured but at the same time is orientated towards the wider world. Heineken's image in Jamaica links up w111 this perfectly. The vignet that Bralima has been using since the official inauguration of its modernised Kinshasa brewery. The twelve new apollos with a capacity of2,500 hectolitres each. Mr. J.C. Janssen, area marketing manager for the Caribbean and Central America, is obviously pleased about the good results of Des noes Geddes. In fact, it is not easy to win a place in the heart and lifestyle of the Jamaican. 'But once you succeed, you're made. As we've certainly found. We can scarcely keep pace with the growth in demand. This is also one of the reasons why the brewery is being expanded.' Milestone Consumers and the trade in Jamaica have seen few Heineken promotional activities over the past fifteen years. But this has now changed. Heineken is sponsoring such events as jazz concerts and the Caribbean Golf Tournament. A new advertising campaign has also been devised, based on the message: 'Heineken, share the good feeling...'. Fifteen years of Heineken in Jamaica is a milestone. In the autumn of 1988 this was celebrated by giving a big party for the employees of Desnoes Geddes during which there were pre sentations about Heineken in the world and, of course, about Heineken in Jamaica. Cooperation The co-operation with Desnoes Geddes was strengthened considerably last year. One of the results was a licens ing agreement for our brewery in St. Lucia to brew Red Stripe beer. The Red Stripe brand is owned by Desnoes Geddes and is exported to various coun tries, including the United States, Canada and countries in the Caribbean. Following the United Kingdom, St. Lucia is now the second country in which Red Stripe is brewed under li cence. The strengthened links with Des noes Geddes have also resulted in the launch of Green Sands Shandy in Jamaica. Green Sands is currently still brewed in Trinidad and exported to Jamaica. The aim is to start producing Green Sands under licence in Jamaica in the future. 'Green Sands, deliciously different' is the slogan for two TV spots specially produced for Jamaican viewers. Radio commercials and big posters are also used to draw attention to this new pro duct for Jamaica.

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