Many proposed versions were assessed before Buckler's definitive label (below right) was finally approved. the list of 150 names suggested by Inter- brand only two names ultimately remained after all the research into linguistics, trade mark law and consumer acceptance. These were Buckler and Norlander. The choice fell on Buckler, as this name offers the best possibilities for use internationally. Label But that did not mean that the work ing group's assignment was over. A product name had been selected, but what would the label have to look like? 'You can approach a product like Buck ler from two angles', explains Mr. Hak kaart. 'You can look upon it as a beer without alcohol, or as a non-alcoholic soft drink for adult consumers. This has to be taken into account in your label design. The label should convey either a beer-like character or that of a soft drink.' Many countries research then started into the question 'how does Buckler compare with the competition as regards product, name, packaging and image?' This research revealed not only that the beery approach offered the best opportunities but also that Buckler had a very high score compared to the competing brands. 33 THE WORLD OF HEINEKEN

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