Thirty ye Canaria 28 Mr. AH. Heineken (centre) pictured together with Messrs. A de la Tbrre Senior and Junior. Mr. De la Torre Sr. has been Heineken's agent in Gran Canaria province for thirty years. ery in 's-Hertogenbosch where all Heineken beer for the Canary Islands is brewed. Tourism Heineken beer has enjoyed strong growth on the Canary Islands in recent years. Although the increased tourism is a boost to sales, there is also growing appreciation amongst the local popula tion for Heineken beer. This is evi denced by the strong presence of Heine ken beer in the hotels, restaurants and bars as well as in shops and supermar kets in the less touristy capital Las Pal- Mr. A. de la Tbrre Sr. has spent three decades working as agent for bottled and canned Heine ken beer in Gran Canaria Province on the Canary Islands. To commemorate this milestone, Mr. De la Tbrre and his son plus 27 Heineken importers from the Canary Islands were invited to pay a visit to Heineken in Holland. The group was welcomed by Mr. A.H. Heine ken who showed his appreciation for Mr. De la Torre's work by presenting him with a suitably engraved gold watch. All the importers were also per sonally introduced to Mr. Heineken. The visit was not only used to cele brate the jubilee but also to optimise cooperation between the individual im porters. The visit also provided a good opportunity to strengthen the bonds be tween the brewery and the Heineken importers. The group's programme in cluded a tour round the Heineken brew At the end of last year the Heineken Tavern was opened in LasPalmas. This Heineken pub was designed and constructed by Heineken's Civil Engineering Bureau. In view of the mild climate on the Canary Islands a big pavement cafe area is of crucial importance for a catering establishment. mas and in the smaller villages outside the main tourist centres. However, tourism still remains a sig nificant growth sector for Heineken. Apart from the islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife, which have been popular with holidaymakers for many years, other islands in the archipelago are also starting to attract tourist attention. From a tourist point of view the two islands of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are still 'virgin territory', but that will not last much longer. The islands still offer miles and miles of beaches along which hotels and apartments will be built in the years ahead. And that ac commodation will go hand in hand with entertainment and nightlife establish ments in the form of discotheques, bars and restaurants. Opportunities galore for Heineken! Heineken Tavern In December last year a Heineken pub was opened in Las Palmas under the name 'Heineken Tavern'. The tavern was designed by Heineken's Civil En gineering Bureau and built in the space of three weeks under the supervision of Mr. W van Ingen, a consultant with the Bureau. The Heineken Tavern is lo cated on a prime site in the middle of the entertainment centre of Las Palmas. The tavern is not big, but the outdoor pavement cafes play a major role, which comes as no surprise in view of the mild climate. The Heineken Thvem's tastefully designed interior. The initial results of the Heineken Tavern are very favourable. The Heine ken Tavern is also expected to make a good contribution to the spread of the quality image of the Heineken brand on the Canary Islands. THE WORLD OF HEINEKEN

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