M.R. ONIONS Bermuda's Marriott Hotel is one of the best hotel customers of Gosling Brothers. meal In the dining room or at tables in the bar section. The Robin Hood has three bars and its biggest selling beer is Amstel Light. changed to Amstel Light.' His customers in fact discovered quite quickly that the taste of Amstel Light is comparable to that of Amstel regular, but then with fewer calories. Richard Hartley (righ t) is accompanied by rep resentative Bill Davis on a visit to M.R. Onions. 27 John Scupham was pessimistic when Gosling sales representaive An drew Longworth offered him the new product Amstel Light. 'We were accus tomed to thinking that a light beer ought to be packed in a light coloured bottle. I couldn't really appreciate a dark bottle being used for a light beer.' Despite his scepticism and his expectation that the product would quickly disappear from the range again, he decided to stock it after all. With far-reaching conse quences: 'It was amazing to see that within three months all the other light beers were out and everybody had Robin Hood proprietor John Scupham (left) with Goslings' representative Andrew Longworth at one of the bars. Right from the moment John Scupham took over the Robin Hood, it was a big success. John explains why: 'The Robin Hood was the first genuine English pub on the island. People like the atmosphere here. It's not a bar where lots of people have to crowd to gether to have a good night out. We have small, intimate rooms so that the cus tomer can have a pleasant time even on quiet evenings.' Not that the Robin Hood has many quiet evenings. Friday night is the busiest night of the week, attracting five to six hundred visitors. The clientele mainly consists of local people aged be tween 18 and 40. Tourists are not often spotted in the Robin Hood. 'The tourists who know about us have usually asked the locals where they can find a local pub. Luckily, they often mention the name of the Robin Hood.' A restaurant that has grown in a short time to become one of Bermuda's most popular eating places is M.R. On ions. Owner Brian Hetzel bought the restaurant several years ago, renovated it entirely and turned it into a typical Bermuda-style restaurant with many local dishes on the menu. The owner is proud to be a Bermudian. That's also reflected in the restaurant's name. If you pronounce M.R. Onions quickly, what you'll be saying in Bermuda dialect is 'We are onions'. Onions is the nickname for Bermudians. The name has its origins in the last century when the island made its living from the ex port of vegetables, mainly onions. M.R. Onions is a business that has plenty of atmosphere. It has a big square bar screened off from the restaurant section. A lot of Heineken is served at that bar. So much, in fact, that M.R. On ions can be classed as a big customer for Burrows Lightbourn. A lot of Amstel Light can also be seen on the bar and the tables. At lunchtime the premises are mainly visited by businessmen. Many tourists can also be found at the tables for dinner. THE WORLD OF HEINEKEN

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