GREAT CUSTOMERS cerned, Burrows Lightbourn is actively involved with tennis. Last year Heine- ken was the major sponsor of a big open tennis tournament on Bermuda. Burrows Lightbourn also targets campaigns at the bars trade. Last year all barkeepers received a letter from the Heineken importer advising them to keep all their Heineken crown corks and save them in a special Heineken cup. The bartender with a full Heineken cup would receive a ticket for the Heine ken lottery. The prizes were certainly worth winning. The winner of the first prize could go on a trip for two people to London and the second prize was a trip for two to New York. Other prizes included Heineken jackets, watches, pens and T-shirts. The lottery was held at a big Heineken party in November. The promotion was such a great success (four big plastic bin liners full of Heine ken crown corks) that Burrows Light bourn is considering repeating it next summer. Hartley. Much success was achieved by Bur rows Lightbourn with a consumer promotional campaign it held last year. Especially for the buyers of Heineken beer in the A licence stores (supermar kets and grocery stores with a special alcohol sales licence) a campaign was organised in which buyers of a Heine ken six-pack were given the chance to buy a Heineken sports bag or an insu lated picnic box for a ridiculously low price. 'That was a great success. After wards it turned out that we'd not bought in enough bags or cool boxes. The de mand was enormous and the campaign has definitely had a positive impact on our results. Last year, for the first time ever, there were fewer tourists on the island than expected and that affected the beer market. But, thanks to the cam paign, we were still able to maintain our sales volume', explains Richard MARRIOTT HOTEL - The Marriott Hotel and Resort in the eastern part of the island is a superb place to stay. The gigantic complex was bought in 1984 by Marriott, a worldwide chain of two hundred hotels. The build ing, which was already in use as a hotel, was refurbished at a cost of seventy mil lion dollars and reopened in 1986. Marriott is one of the better hotel customers of Gosling Brothers. The vis itors profile is classed by Marriott's Oscar Rodriguez, responsible for buy ing in all drinks and food, as the highest income visitors who are well travelled individuals. Amstel has a good brand recognition among these visitors. Espe cially the Amstel Light, which the Amer icans know so well from their country', says Mr. Rodriguez. That brand recogni tion also applies to Heineken beer. A tour round the public rooms of the hotel makes it clear what Oscar Rod riguez means by the 'highest income vis itors'. The Marriott is designed with ex ceptional tastefulness and luxury and its rooms are spacious. One of them is even big enough to hold a dinner and dance for 450 guests. And yet the biggest turnover of Amstel beer is achieved in the hotel's smallest establishment, the Castle Harbour Golf Grill and Bar which can hold about 40 visitors. It seems that after completing their rounds many gol fers like to drink a thirst-quenching glass of beer. Their thirst is so big that fifty per cent of all the Amstel beer sold in the Marriott goes down their throats. ROBIN HOOD Somewhat off the beaten track for most tourists is the Robin Hood pub and restaurant. Open since 1972, it was well- known as a restaurant for many years. For the past few years the Robin Hood has been in the capable hands of John Scupham and there have been great changes. He transformed the business into a successful pub-restaurant, with the emphasis on pub. The hungry cus tomer can have a good, inexpensive THE WORLD OF HEINEKEN

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