How to do full justice to Heineken Dispensing and pouring 17 It goes without saying that Hei neken from a bottle deserves just as much care and attention. Make sure that the beer has the correct serving temperature: 6-8°C (44°F). First pour a little beer into the glass. Straight away a thick foam layer forms which slowly clears from the bottom. Top up carefully by pouring along the inside of the glass. This will not produce any mo re foam. The result: a marvellous Heineken, with a firm-bodied head of foam. THE WORLD OF HEINEKEN The prime requirement for a perfect Heineken is a 'beer-clean' glass. 'Beer-clean' means totally free of grease. Just before dispens ing, plunge the glass into cold water. That gives the glass a tem perature which is close to that of the beer. If the water runs off the glass like a 'film', without droplets or dry patches, then the glass is 'beer-clean': a guarantee for a superb head. The proof of 'beer- cleanliness' is provided as you drink. After each gulp, a ring of foam is left clinging to the sides of the glass. Dispensing is almost an art form. Hold the glass tilted against the end of the tap, but not so far that the beer makes a 'bend' as it flows into the glass. Open the dis penser tap all the way, in one single movement. The beer now swirls au tomatically into the glass. When it has reached the rim, straighten the glass again and quickly close the tap. Put the glass on the drip tray. Make sure that no drops from the tap fall into that splendid foam sur face. Skim level in one go whilst the foam is still rising. A Heineken foam head is two fingers thick. The strength of a name Beer brings conviviality. It creates a bond, ensures a sociable atmosphere. Heineken adds something extra to that: the glamour of an international quality beer. It is a festive sight. Sparkling Heine ken beer, at the right temperature, with the right head of foam. Served on a Heineken beer mat and, naturally, in the special Heineken glass. The beer de serves it, and your customers will cer tainly appreciate it. They'd like the whole world to know that they're drink ing Heineken.

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