Heineken lias sometimes been called the Rolls A first class beer first class treatme 14 Royce amongst beers. Not a bad comparison, for Heineken stands for character and exclusiveness. The true beer connoisseur is distinguished by his deliberate choice. The person drinking Heineken is not simply quenching his thirst. Ordering a Heineken is evidence of good taste. And of a feeling for style. Heineken Hf» Heineken has international re nown. It is one of the few beers drunk all over the world, and then above all in the better establish ments. For more than one hundred years Heineken has been brewed with loving care according to an unvaried, traditional recipe. It therefore deserves to be treated well, lb do full justice to Heineken beer it should be properly dis pensed or poured, in the right glass. THE WORLD OF HEINEKEN

Jaarverslagen en Personeelsbladen Heineken

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