lity of packs 13 laws banned the sale of beer in a bottle with a green label? 'I'm convinced that in that case we wouldn't introduce Heineken beer in that country. The Heineken label is green, and that's how it has to stay', Mr. Oostrum categorically states. On the factory floor If a decision is taken to introduce Heineken beer in a certain country, that means that Corporate Brands Design has to search locally for suitable print ing works which can meet Heineken's quality standards. When the labels are printed for the first time, the Heineken employee is always there watching closely. Together with the man operat ing the printing press he then works on the label until it looks perfect. And yet it occasionally happens that Corporate Brands Design has to act like a soccer referee and 'show the yellow card' when annoying errors have been made. Oostrum: 'Because of our wide international experience, however, we can often advise the printers on how to avoid making similar errors in future. You mustn't simply shout out that the work has to be perfect. You must person ally be there to ensure it is!' Simple "lb the layman the Heineken label seems so simple to produce. But it's that very simplicity which means that every thing about the label has to be perfect, for simplicity is next to poverty. That is one of the reasons why we are as keen as mustard when it comes to safeguard ing the quality of our packs and our brand images.' [g/i<:in' t'.l/ylllfl ur.oz. amstec The Corporate Brands Design department. Centre: Mr. Cees Oostrum. the world of heineken

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