•v* üg ifnltïmg ütesagr •I The Windmill PUBLISHED BY VAN MUNCHING CO., INC. VOL. XXVIII, No. 1 WINTER, 1977 I long with the joys of the Holiday Sea son, this is the time of year when we pause to reflect on the events of the passing year. In doing so, we are again thankful for the fine efforts of those concerned that have resulted in yet another record sales year—an increase of 25%— for Van Munch ing Co., Inc. and Heineken Holland Beer. Even the now-settled shipping strike did not slow our growth too much since suffi cient inventories were developed prior to the strike. Beer ship ments are now again in full swing to bring depleted inventories up to their proper level as quickly as possible. The domestic beer industry has seen many changes during '77—changes in management, market share, "take-over" at tempts, legal proceedings. We are happy to note that the imported beer industry has not been so disrupted. Although we continue to face competition directly and indirectly from a previously imported beer which is now brewed domestically, and the additional imported brands entering the market, both Heineken share-of-market and the overall growth trend of the imported beer market continues upward. Therefore, we are in an excellent growth position for 1978, especially when backed by our continuing best efforts to maintain the successful sales record for "America's #1 Imported Beer". In the spirit of the Holiday Season, I would like to express to all of our readers and their families my very Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Cordially yours L. van Munching, President

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