ML VOL. VII, No. 6 DECEMBER, 1956 The Windmill PUBLISHED BY VAN MUNCHING CO., INC., 6 West 48th St., New York 36, N. Y. Do Our JJappp Damlliy. On Dlie .Spirit oj? Ohriótmaó TO the Heine ken's family in this countryin Holland and throughout the world, I would like to extend my warmest personal holiday greetings. This is the season when all of us feel close and the brotherhood of mankind comes nearest to reality. The message of (tPeace on Earth, Good Will Towards Men',' the chime of church bells, the hymns, the shining faces of our children when their gifts are opened are part of the spirit which we feel. This is the period when we take time out from our daily pursuits to pause and reflect on the passage of another year. We especially in the United States have much to be thankful for. This has been another outstanding year of growth and prosperity for Heineken's in this country. All of us have played our part in this achievement. The teamwork and cooperation of everyone has been instrumental in the success we have en joyedHowever, we realize that our ma terial accomplishment could not be pos sible without paying full attention to spiritual values and having them act as a guiding force in all the things that we do. It is at Christmas time that we realize how important these spiritual values are in whatever we do and how instrumental they are in whatever success we have had the good fortune to achieve. It is in the spirit of humility and warmth of Christmas that we send our greetings, with the hope that next year will see us continue to live in peace and prosperity Cordially yours,

Jaarverslagen en Personeelsbladen Heineken

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