Ml VOL. VII, No. 5 NOVEMBER, 1956 U. S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT OCT 22 1956 Mr. L# van Munching President The Windmill PUBLISHED BY YAH MUNCHING CO., INC., 6 West 48th St., New York 36, N. Y. Do Our D^lcippity Damidty THE month of October has been an interesting month for us in New York in many ways. First we had the exciting 1936 World Series -which drronght many visitors to New Yorkalso quite a few of our own distributors or their executives. Sales for Heine ken's in the New York area were given a real push by the tremendous business that was done all over the town during that week. Whichever team you may have been forwe can safely say the best one won and over in Brooklyn, they are already hoping for next year! After that rush was over, we then had the National Beer Wholesalers Con vention at the Commodore Hotel which -started on Saturday, October 20th. We had a very attractive Heineken's Hos pitality Room which, from all indica tions, seems to have been the most sought after meeting place of our distributors and many guests friendly towards Heine - ken's. Again, we met many of our friends in the distributing business and had ample opportunity to discuss some of the daily problems of the beer business in the various territories. We were complimented by many on our stated policy of maintaining the present Heineken's prices, in spite of general price increases in the beer indus try. The recent decision by the U. S. Treasury Department Tax Bureau con firming that Heineken's is the rightful claimant to the advertising saying larg est selling imported beer in the United Statescreated much discussion and cavorable comment. In the next ten days, we shall partici pate in the National Hotel Exposition being held at the new Coliseum in New WASHINGTON 25 OFFICE OF COMMISSIONER OF INTERNAL REVENUE ADDRESS REPLY TO COMMISSIONER OF INTERNAL REVENUE WASHINGTON 25, D. C. AND REFER TO 0:AT:BA.:DMG Van Munching Co., Inc. 6 West U8th Street New York 36, New York Dear Mr. van Munching: This is in reply to your letter of August 22, 1956, submitting your sales figures for "Heineken's Beer" for the first six months of 1956. This information was requested by us in order to determine the propriety of the sales claim "America's largest selling imported beer" currently being employed in your advertising for this product# A comparison of these figures with those of competitors indicates that "Heineken's" was the largest selling imported beer for the period in question. Accordingly, there would be no objection to the use in advertising of a claim to this effect so long as "Heineken's" maintains its present position of sales leadership. Very truly yours, Director, AY ght E. Avis and Tobacco Tax Division The above letter is self-explanatory inasmuch as it states that Heineken9s is the largest selling imported beer in the 11. S. York City. Many visitors from the hotel, club, restaurant and tavern fraternity will come and visit our attractive exhibit. In deed, this is a very busy time of the year for our entire New York staff. However, this extra activity has many attributes in our friendly relationship with our wholesalers, their staffs as well as with very many retailers. Cordially yours,

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