ML VOL. VII, No. 2 The Windmill PUBLISHED BY VAN MUNCHING CO,, INC., 6 West 48th St., New York 36, N. Y. Editor: James H. Frankenberry MAY, 1956 ^Jo Our Jamilty THE sales of Heinekeris during the month of April again revealed an "over 25% sales increasethe third one so far this year. February showed an even larger increase and sales in March also - did very well. With the coldest Spring throughout many parts of the United States that we have had in many, many years, I wonder what is going to happen to our sales when the really warm weather sets in? It would seem that with these already larger sales for 1956, my discussions with the Brewery officials in Holland in March, when I gave them a definite forecast of our increased case-beer requirements for this year, will assure our monthly ship ments for the months to come. It also will give the brewmasters in Rotterdam a definite idea as to how much beer to make for this rapidly growing market. With the aging period of Heine ken's of over three months, anyone can readily see that such planning is most important, now that the Heineken's sales volume is very large. We have asked all our dis tributors, and especially the direct-im- -porters'2~wh&- other than New York, to place their or ders with us well in advance. This will permit us to work closely with the Ship ping Department in Rotterdam, thus keeping delays in arrival to a minimum Such planning ahead-of-time is a new experience in our business-growth and we are happy this has become necessary. Upon my return from Europe aboard the super-liner United Stateswhere Heineken's sales were booming in the bars and dining rooms, we received a visit from Mr. M. J. Weymarshausen, the Heineken's Export Manager, who had just completed an inspection tour through the West Indies markets and also visited Southern Florida. In New York, he ac quainted himself again with the further Mr» and Mrs. Alfred Heineken greet us with smiling faces from the deck of the super-liner United States upon their arrival in New York recentlyThe young couple are planning to visit MrsHeineken's parents in LouisvilleKyand to tour the country laterNo doubt Mr, Heineken will be deeply impressed when he will seefrom personal observationthe terrific increase in Heineken's distribu tion since his previous visit to the United States in 1950As many will recall9 Mr. Heineken spent several years with us? on the East coast as well as in Cali forniaduring the years of 1947 to 1950. sales growth and popularity of our brand and when he few back to Holland he was very pleased with what he had seen We have another visitor from Holland Mr. Alfred H. Heineken, son of Dr. H. P. Heineken who recently retired from the Heineken's management Because of the entire Heineken's or ganization's great interest in American mechanical brewing equipment, two members of Heineken's technical staff are presently visiting a number of American manufacturers and a number of American brewers. Orders will be placed for addi tional brewing and bottling equipment for the new Heineken's Brewery, now be ing built in the Southern part of Holland I thought you would be interested in knowing the friendly feeling and great admiration that exists in the Heineken's organization for this great country of ours. Cordially yours,

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