I Beer Cheese Cake Rub 1 Yi pounds of dry cheese through a sieve. Add to the cheese 4 eggs, 4 ounces of sugar and 3 ounces of melted butter. Add cup of Heineken's beer to 2 ounces of flour and 4 ounces of raisins, and stir into first mixture. Line an 8 x 3 pan with ordinary pie dough. Spread the mix ture evenly and bake in a medium hot oven for an hour and a half. Onion Soup Provencal Heat 6 tablespoons of butter or margarine in a heavy pot. Add 4 large red onions, thinly sliced, and cook until soft and golden brown. Add 3 cups of chicken stock, a dash of Maggi seasoning, and 2 cups of Heineken's beer. Simmer covered for 45 min utes. Season with 1 teaspoon salt and teaspoon pepper. Pour into heated soup bowls, top with toast slices, and sprinkle generously with grated Par mesan cheese. Place under pre-heated broiler for one minute and serve pip ing hot. You'll find this hearty soup excellent for a midnight snack or for the beginning of an otherwise light dinner. Serves six. Please ask us for window display arrangements in your trade and we shall gladly give you some layouts. uc ■till mr^- cAgiigi Cjourmet Coi Without any doubt, the Heineken9 s wooden shoe is leading the Heineken9 s adver tising parade throughout the country. The Calvert Liquor Shop in Washington D. C. proudly displays a beautiful window featuring the Heineken9s shoe, as made up by our distributor, Messrs. Milton S. Kronheim Co., Inc. Would this possibly be a suggestion for other wholesalers to cash in on this Dutch piece of point-of-sale? Another future Heineken9 s salesman! Another Heineken9s truck rolling through beautiful Long Island, T\ew York, as part of the fleet of FORBEE BROSof Middle Village, New York. This is a further addition to the fast-growing number of Heineken9s painted trucks so if any of our wholesalers in U.S.A. is interested in having one of his trucks painted in the Heineken9s colors, please let us know Our application file keeps growing. Little David Peter Beatty of California, grand son of I. P. Van Dyke, Catering Manager of the Hotel Astor, has indicated his de light with Heineken9s Beer. Unquestion ably, he takes after his grandpa who has had a love for Heineken9s for many, many years! Could be a future West Coast representative.

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