VISITORS TO OUR NEW OFFICES In addition to the visits of some of our nearby New York, New_Jersey and Upstate wholesalers who came to see our new headquarters at 6 West 48th St., we also had the pleasure of hav ing the following visitors from far away points: Mr. Kilroy Thompson, our Hein eken's agent for the Bahamas. He makes it a regular custom to visit with us whenever in New York. Mr. Jules Berman, our West Coast representative, came to New York to discuss pending business as well as the completion of a long term agree ment for Kahlua Mexican Coffee Li queur with our associated company, Van Munching Imports, Inc., as well as his Assistant, Mr. Walter Gird- wyn, who recently made a European trip and visited the Heineken's Brew eries in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Mr. Vincent Trapani and his brother, Nino Trapani, of Bohemian Distributing Company, Los Angeles, California. Mr. Joseph Walters, sales repre sentative of Young's Market Co., Los Angeles, California. Mr. Steve Goldring and Mr. Mal colm Woldenberg, executives of the Magnolia Distributing Co. of New Orleans, Lousiana. Mr. Ben Abzug, our sales repre sentative in Houston with the Glaz- er's Wholesale Drug Co., Inc. of that city. Mr. Maurice W. Pepper, of Asso ciated Beverages Company, Atlanta, Georgia. If anyone is interested in col lecting foreign stampswe have loads of them and just a note to Miss Grace Arcoro will assure you of getting some HOW A BEER SHORTAGE AFFECTED OUR HISTORY If the beer supply on the Mayflower had not given out, the Pilgrims would have landed in Virginia instead of on Ply mouth Rock. It was the original intention of the party to sail on south and settle in the milder Virginia climate. But when the the little storm-delayed vessel finally arrived off Cape Cod, they decided to land at once. The Pilgrim Fathers wrote in their "Journal." "We could not now take time for further search or considerations, our victuals being much spent, especially our beer." Through the courtesy of "VERS VAN 'T VAT/' Heineken's personnel paper, the above picture shows Heineken's participation at a parade held in Amsterdam dedicated to industry and commerce at the occasion of the opening of a super highway. This par ticipation won first prize and top honors. What would happen if this outfit paraded in your city?

Jaarverslagen en Personeelsbladen Heineken

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