HOLLAND'S GREATEST BREWERY The following is a reprint of an article which appeared in the WORLD NEWS BULLETIN, a publication circulated among the thousands of tourists throughout Eur ope and is published in Amsterdam, Holland. ANY stranger, passing through the L Ferdinand Bolstraat in Amster dam, one of the town's busy shopping streets, will be surprised suddenly to see a long fence on one side, decorated with the gayest paintings. They pic ture scenes from many different coun tries, and their jolly, sunny, atmos phere brightens up considerably this street, called after Ferdinand Bol, himself a painter of great merit in his day. I am sure, could he see the fence, he would be proud of Heineken's. For the fence has been decorated in this most attractive manner under Heine- ken's orders. Behind the fence is part of their brewery grounds, where new con structions are under way, which will result in an important expansion of their Amsterdam brewery. Heineken's Brewery is, of course, one of Holland's great industrial en terprises, and known and honoured the world over by lovers of good beer. Its history goes back many centuries; its first official mention that we know of, dates back to 1620, when the owners of the ''Hooiberg" ("Hay stack") Brewery were listed among the organizers of the Amsterdam Brewers' Guild. Even then, the brew ery played an important part in the economic life of Amsterdam, and reg ular exports took place, mostly to the East and West Indies. The "Hooiberg" Brewery was destined to become one of the world's greatest. When Mr. G. A. Heineken, who was the owner of the business at one time during the 19th century, had given the brewery his name, things got really moving. (It is in teresting to note that the "Hooiberg" brand was still partially used for Heineken's products until appr. 1920.) Mr. Heineken was very con scious of the importance of the scien1 tific and research side of his beer pro duction; he engaged experts from many countries to fill posts in the brewery. His foresight has had a lasting effect: not only did Heine ken's become a chief supplier of yeast to a large number of brewers in Hol land, Germany, and other countries as an immediate result, but continu ous research has become one of the great traditions in the Heineken's or ganization until this day. Nowadays, Heineken's research laboratories in Rotterdam, where internationally famous chemists are constantly doing important work, lead and control the scientific side of the production in Holland and abroad. One of the great features of the Rotterdam part of the organization is Heineken's own cul tivation of pure yeast culture. It was almost inevitable that an active concern like Heineken's should feel the need of expansion. To quote from an article, published by the. "American Brewer" Magazine, thi year 1873 saw Mr. Heineken "estab-" lishing a second brewery at Rotter dam, Holland's second port, to sup ply the southern provinces. Time has richly justified the wisdom of his de cision. Rotterdam is today one of the world's great ports. And the 'beer with the star' has become a favourite around the world." PilillMliilliiS By the end of the 1930's, large quantities of Heineken's Beer were regularly shipped to countries like Britain, United States, Belgium, Netherlands West Indies, Middle and Far East, West Africa. Since the last war, Heineken's looked into further possibilities, and not without suc cess. A controlling interest, or a very important say in the affairs of brew eries in Malaya, Egypt, Indonesia, Belgium, Belgian Congo, West-Afri ca, etc. was acquired. Early this year, Heineken's own brewery at Caracas, Venezuela, started operations. There the same brand of beer is sold now as in Holland, and everywhere else. Heineken's carry on. Moderniz ing and consolidating all the time. Heineken's face the future with jus tified confidence and plenty of plans. Their up-to-date sales or ganization and modern publicity methods play an important part in present results and prospects for fu ture successes. It has been said that it is almost possible to travel round the world on Heineken's Beer. The day does not seem far off when we shall be able to drop the "almost." A view, as taken from a KLM plane, of the Heineken's Export Brewery in Rotterdam where all the export beer to the foreign markets of the world is brewed.

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