VOLUME 5, NUMBER 2 SEPTEMBER, 1954 IN spite of tremendous competition by some of the German beer brands and many unknown newcomers in the imported beer fieldwe are still proud ly maintaining our undisputed posi tion of leader in the field and we have every intention of keeping same Many of you will have received the "first issue" of the new magazine "SPORTS ILLUSTRATEDa real collector's itempublished by TIME- LIFEINCwhere we have a full col umn Heineken s ad in a very out standing positionThis magazine has been read by at least two million readers On the basis of very favorable re actions from many sourcesf we have contracted for seventeen additional ads covering the balance of this year and 1955 Coming back to the severe com petition of other imported beers and the many special promotions and other gimmickswith which they try to get business away from us don't let that worry you too much; rememberin the final analysisit is actually the consumer who will decide which brand! of beer he will drink and it is not the price concessions or other deal that will do the trickI If you continue to do a good job on selling Heineken's and keep on opening new retail outletswe cannot failThat little extra bit of work by you will do it. I will be going to Europe for a short business trip and may have something very interesting to tell many of our wholesalers upon my re turn. Until thenand with my best wishes and sincere thanks for your wholehearted cooperation Cordially yours The Windmill PUBLISHED BY YAH MUNCHING CO., INC,, 6 West 48th Street, New York City Editor: Phil Algosino Do Our Dlappy. Dami(y.: On board SS WESTERDAM of the Hofland America Line, Mr. and Mrs. Leo van Munching on their recent trip to Europe which was primarily for business with a little bit of pleasure thrown in for good measure. Pictured from left to right: A Holland America line official, Brig. General Sam Dockrell of the Connecticut Putnam Phalanx, a National Guard unit on which Mr. van Munching serves as a Major on the General's staff, Mrs. van Munching and Mrs. Dockrell.

Jaarverslagen en Personeelsbladen Heineken

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