O A Corporate Governance Statement (continued) Participation in person, by proxy or through electronic communication Attendance list Chairman of the AGM Voting Minutes Resolutions to be adopted by the AGM Article 10 of the EU Take-Over Directive Decree Introductio^^^^^^^^^^H Report of the Executive Board^^^^^l Report of the Supervisory Board Each shareholder is entitled, either personally or by proxy authorised in writing, to attend the AGM, to address the meeting and to exercise his or her voting rights. The Executive Board may determine that the powers set out in the previous sentence may also be exercised by means of electronic communication. If a shareholder wants to exercise his or her rights by proxy authorised in writing, the written power of attorney must be received by the Company no later than on the date indicated for that purpose in the convocation notice. Through its corporate website, the Company generally facilitates that shareholders can give electronic voting instructions. Each person entitled to vote or otherwise entitled to attend a meeting or such person's representative shall have to sign the attendance list, stating the number of shares and votes represented by such person. The AGM shall be presided over by the Chairman or the Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board, or in his absence, by one of the Supervisory Board members present at the meeting, to be designated by them in mutual consultation. If no members of the Supervisory Board are present, the meeting shall appoint its own chairman. All resolutions of the AGM shall be adopted by an absolute majority of the votes cast, except for those cases in which the law or the Articles of Association prescribe a larger majority. Each share confers the right to one vote. Blank votes shall be considered as not having been cast. The Executive Board may determine in the convocation notice that any vote cast prior to the AGM by means of electronic communication shall be deemed to be a vote cast in the AGM. Such a vote may not be cast prior to the record date. A shareholder who has cast his or her vote prior to the AGM by means of electronic communication remains entitled, whether or not represented by a holder of a written power of attorney, to participate in the AGM. The proceedings in the AGM shall be recorded in minutes taken by a secretary to be designated by the chairman of the meeting, which minutes shall be signed by the chairman of the meeting and the secretary. If, in deviation of the above, a notarial record of the proceedings of the AGM is drawn up, the chairman of the meeting shall countersign the notarial record. Upon request, the record of the proceedings of the AGM shall be submitted to shareholders ultimately within three months after the conclusion of the meeting. Heineken N.V. Annual Report 2018 O Financial Statements Sustainability Review Other Information The AGM has authority to adopt resolutions concerning, inter alia, the following matters: Issue of shares by the Company or rights on shares (and to authorise the Executive Board to resolve that the Company issues shares or rights on shares) Authorisation of the Executive Board to resolve that the Company acquires its own shares Cancellation of shares and reduction of share capital Appointment of Executive Board members The remuneration policy for Executive Board members Suspension and dismissal of Executive Board members Appointment of Supervisory Board members The remuneration of Supervisory Board members Suspension and dismissal of Supervisory Board members Appointment of the Delegated Member of the Supervisory Board Adoption of the financial statements Granting discharge to Executive and Supervisory Board members Dividend distributions A material change in the corporate governance structure Appointment of the external auditor Amendment of the Articles of Association, and Liquidation. Resolutions on a major change in the identity or character of the Company or enterprise shall be subject to the approval of the AGM. This would at least include (a) the transfer of the enterprise or the transfer of practically the entire enterprise of the Company to a third party, (b) the entering into or the termination of a lasting co-operation of the Company or a subsidiary with another legal entity or company or a fully liable partner in a limited partnership or general partnership, if such co-operation or termination is of fundamental importance to the Company and (c) acquiring or disposing of a participation in the capital of a company by the Company or a subsidiary amounting to at least one-third of the amount of assets according to the Company's consolidated balance sheet plus explanatory notes as laid down in the last adopted financial statements of the Company. Shares The issued share capital of the Company amounts to €921,604,180.80, consisting of 576,002,613 shares of €1.60 each. Each share carries one vote. The shares are listed on Euronext Amsterdam. All shares carry equal rights and are freely transferable (unless provided otherwise below). Shares repurchased by the Company for the share- based Long-Term Incentive Plan (LTIP) or for any other purpose do not carry any voting rights and dividend rights. Shareholders who hold shares on a predetermined record date are entitled to attend and vote at the AGM. The record date for the AGM of 25 April 2019 is 28 days before the AGM, i.e. on 28 March 2019.

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