83.3mhl (2017: 72.1mhl) 35.6% (2017: 33.1%) 11.5mhl (2017: 10.7mhl) €6,781m (2017: €6,312m) €1,178m (2017: €1,188m) 29.6% (2017: 30.4%) Regional Review (continued) Americas We delivered strong revenue and profit growth in the Americas, driven by our focus on top line growth, maintained cost initiatives and Excellent Outlet Execution. The Heineken® brand performed particularly well, most notably in Brazil and Mexico, more than offsetting the decline in the US. alcohol consumption O Q, Introductio^^^^^^^^^^H Report of the Executive Board^^^^^l Report of the Supervisory Board Key brands: Heineken®, Tecate Light, Lagunitas, Schin, Red Stripe Brazil, Mexico and Haiti delivered strong results. The region successfully expanded volumes, revenue and profit in 2018. In Mexico, we continued to deliver robust volume growth with excellent growth from Tecate and Dos Equis, and double digit growth of Heineken®. Our acquisition of Brasil Kirin in 2017 broadened our reach across Brazil and the performance of our extended premium beer portfolio - led by Heineken® and including Sol, Eisenbahn and Baden Baden - grew strongly. Our mainstream brands, Amstel and Devassa, also continued to deliver strong double digit growth. The ongoing arbitration between Cervejarias Kaiser Brasil S.A. and the Coke Distribution System in Brazil is still pending. The US beer market continued to be challenging and declined in 2018, weighing on our portfolio of brands. We launched an integrated US-led Heineken® marketing campaign in the summer of 2018 with a series of television commercials, digital spots and outdoor branding. In addition, new US campaigns have been activated for our Tecate and Dos Equis brands. Despite this, our volumes declined in 2018. Lagunitas continues to gain share in the competitive US craft segment. Outside the US, Lagunitas continues to grow double digit, with local production outside the US for the first time. The brand is now sold in over 25 markets, with more planned for 2019. In May 2018, we acquired a minority stake in Belize Brewing Company Ltd., Belize's market leader in beer. It has been an importer and distributor of HEINEKEN brands in Belize (including Heineken®, Amstel and Red Stripe) since 2016. In February 2018, we officially opened our new brewery in Meoqui, Chihuahua, Mexico. The brewery, our seventh in Mexico, has a production capacity of 6 million hectolitres per year and produces brands such as Tecate, Dos Equis and Heineken® for the Mexican market as well as for export markets. The Meoqui brewery is the largest greenfield project in HEINEKEN's history. It has been constructed following circular economy principles, focusing on renewable energy and efficient water usage (see page 16). Financial Statements Sustainability Review Heineken N.V. Annual Report 2018 Other Information Consolidated beer volume Consolidated beer Heineken® volume volume as of total Net revenue (beia) Operating profit (beia) Operating profit (beia) as of total Growth of Heineken® brand in Brazil Heineken® continued to grow double digit, meeting consumers' demand for a premium international beer. "Con el alcohol... No Te Pases" responsible campaign in Mexico We launched a new campaign about intelligent alcohol consumption. The goal of this campaign is to create awareness about responsible alcohol consumption, whenever alcohol is being consumed or purchased. The campaign will be communicated during music festivals, sport events and on digital media platforms. The American actor, Danny Trejo, is our ambassador who will bring the campaign messages to life and promote moderate drinking.

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