41.7mhl 17.8% 6.5mhl €3,051m (2017: €3,028m) €411 m (2017: €388m) 10.3% (2017: 9.9%) tiï O Q, Regional Review (continued) Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe Our volume growth was positive, despite a continued challenging trading environment across the region. Growth was particularly strong in Russia, South Africa and Ethiopia. Providing solar powered lighting to local communities in Rwanda Report of the Executive Board Report of the Supervisory Board Key brands: Heineken®, Primus, Amstel, Walia, Soweto In 2018, macro economic challenges continued in the region, albeit more stable compared to last year. However, increased inflation and currency pressure weighed on performance, particularly in Nigeria. In Egypt, we saw a return to volume growth driven by a relatively stable macro-economic environment and increased tourism. Heineken® performed well in Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe, in particular in South Africa, Nigeria and Russia. Our business in South Africa delivered strong growth for Heineken®, as the brand leads the premium segment and provides consumers with refreshing moments. In Rwanda, we started the local production of Heineken® in our brewery. Heineken® continues to see strong growth in Russia, which is also one of our largest markets globally for Heineken® 0.0. In Nigeria, our business embarked on a transformation exercise and a review of its operations, with emphasis on improving our route-to-market, streamlining the portfolio of brands, cutting costs and building an agile organisation that can more effectively respond to changing market dynamics. In Ethiopia, our Walia brand continued to perform, delivering double digit volume growth. We successfully completed the extension of our Kilinto brewery, adding additional capacity. In South Africa, our Strongbow cider brand showed continued momentum and performed very well, out-pacing our expectations and growing the overall cider category with the Red Berry flavour variant. Our cider brands benefited from new local production capacity, greatly improving the profitability of the category. Our South African Soweto brand saw strong performance as it resonates well with local consumers. In Russia, both Affligem and Krusovice performed very well. We successfully launched our local Russian version of Orchard Thieves. In the third quarter of 2018, we announced a long-term partnership agreement with Molson Coors for the distribution of Miller Genuine Draft and Staropramen in Russia. The deal gives us the exclusive rights for the manufacture, sales and distribution of Miller Genuine Draft and Staropramen from January 2019. Our balanced portfolio of premium, mainstream and economy brands is a key part of our success in the region. We continued to invest in our existing brands and in product innovation. We increased our footprint in Africa and completed our brewery in Mozambique. Our low- and no-alcohol category continues to perform well in the region with our established malt based beers, but also our innovations such as Star Radler in Nigeria, Walia Radler and Sofi Buna, a coffee-flavoured malt beer in Ethiopia. Heineken N.V. Annual Report 2018 ^22^ Financial Statements Sustainability Review Other Information (2017: 40.1mhl) Consolidated beer volume (2017: 18.4%) Consolidated beer volume as of total Heineken® volume (2017: 5.2mhl) Net revenue (beia) Operating profit (beia) Operating profit (beia) as of total Extending our footprint with a brewery in Mozambique Our Mozambique greenfield brewery has been completed, enabling us to offer consumers locally brewed beers made by Mozambicans for Mozambicans. Bralirwa, our business in Rwanda, invested in and collaborated with the Ministry of Local Governance and Rwanda Energy Group to provide solar energy to 283 families living near the Bramin farm, where Bralirwa grows the agricultural raw materials it needs to produce its products.

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