Our business priorities (continued) Engage and develop our people In a world that is changing rapidly, our people and our culture remain our two most critical differentiators. How we engage and G develop our people will enable us to achieve our ambition of being a proud and independent global brewer, committed to long-term value creation. Develop great business driven leaders Grow our talent pipeline at all levels O Q, Introductio^^^^^^^^^^H Report of the Executive Board^^^^^l Report of the Supervisory Board People are at the heart of our Company. Their engagement, capability and diversity drives our continued performance and success. We are progressing on the four key elements of our people agenda across all our regions, operating companies and functions. These are: Develop great business driven leaders Grow our talent pipeline at all levels Build critical capabilities and strengthen functional excellence Leverage diversity and our culture The demands placed on our leaders are evolving because times are changing. How we continue to develop leaders for the future remains a priority for our business and our culture. Our Leadership Expectations, which simply explain what it takes to lead HEINEKEN into the future, have now been deployed to all our people leaders globally and are embedded in our key people processes. Over 3,000 leaders have completed 360° feedback against this framework. Leadership development is supported by the deployment of our General Manager and Management Team member Profiles of Success to better shape capability development and succession planning for these key roles. We continued to work with INSEAD Business School on our flagship development programme for senior high potential leaders. Last year, 88 of our leaders from across the world attended the two week on-campus programme exploring our key strategic and leadership challenges. Executive Team members continue to play an active part in the delivery of this important programme. We are working on the design of our next senior leadership campus which will focus on the demands of an increasingly complex and fast changing world, including our response to digital disruption, engaging a multi-generational workforce and changing societal expectations. We are making good progress in developing our talent pipeline. The number of top talents increases each year throughout the organisation and among the Senior Manager population as a result of improved calibration and potential identification. We pay special attention to building talent and leadership capability in emerging market regions like Asia and Africa. For example, in our Africa region we conducted a Talent Management Maturity Assessment across all of our operating companies to help identify and drive the right talent management approach for their business in a disciplined way, with supporting action plans in place. Finally, we continue to evolve our approach to attract great external talent through our refreshed external employer brand campaign, Go Places! Heineken N.V. Annual Report 2018 Financial Statements Sustainability Review Other Information Delivering our business priorities Female role models in HEINEKEN Supply Chain Women Like Us is a monthly global webcast aimed at inspiring listeners by showcasing the personal stories of female role models across HEINEKEN's supply chain organisation. Together with our other initiatives on inclusion and diversity, these events have been very well received by our female leaders - 95% of those who attended recommend the webcasts to other colleagues As one of our leaders commented: "It is good to know about the experience of other women in HEINEKEN's Supply Chain department; it helps us to believe in ourselves and see that we can also do it".

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