Orchard Thieves Revitalising the cider market with new brands that speak locally 1 ORCHARD THIEVES if - F3I Our business priorities (continued) Deliver top line growth - Cider HEINEKEN is the word's biggest cider producer, answering the demand of a growing number of consumers who are discovering the appeal of cider. Not only are we leading the way, we are shaping the cider category with the expansion of our global and local brands. .anONGBCV Introduction Report of the Executive Board 9tn - r Consumer appeal of cider Tapping into many of the macro consumer trends that drive consumption, such as varied taste preferences and wide demographic appeal, cider will continue to grow. Cider is perceived as a natural, light, and refreshing alternative to other drinks categories. It appeals to 20% of alcohol consumers globally who do not like beer - making it well placed to source volume from ready-to-drink beverages, wine and spirits. Conquering the world Orchard Thieves was born in New Zealand, grew up in Ireland, and is quickly conquering the world. It is our 'glocal' brand, available in 21 markets. With 70% year-on-year growth, the brand is thieving sales and share wherever it goes. A Strongbow future Strongbow Apple Cider is outperforming in solid markets such as South Africa and in new markets like Vietnam and Mexico. With new innovations like Rosé Apple, new packaging and impactful marketing campaigns, the future of Strongbow looks bright. Report of the Supervisory Board Financial Statements Sustainability Review Heineken N.V. Annual Report 2018 Other Information CIDER

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