Reporting basis and governance of non-financial indicators (continued) Values and behaviours List of operating companies in scope for non-financial indicators28 Africa, Middle East Eastern Europe Americas O Q, Heineken N.V. Annual Report 2018 Report of the Executive Board Report of the Supervisory Board Financial Statements Sustainability Review Other Information Speak Up policy (number of reports breakdown) Training Code of Business Conduct (number of employees) Training anti-bribery (number of employees) The number of Speak Up reports is the total number of reports received via our Speak Up channels in which reporters raised a concern about a (suspected) violation of the HEINEKEN Code of Business Conduct or its underlying policies. A breakdown per topic is presented to give insight into the main topics of said Speak Up reports. The Speak Up policy is available at the HEINEKEN Speak Up website ( The Code of Business Conduct training has to be completed by all HEINEKEN employees. It is expected to be completed as part of the induction for new joiners. Thereafter it is expected to be completed regularly (preferably on an annual basis). The training is facilitated by an e-learning module, which can be completed online, as well as during a classroom session for those employees without access to their own workstation. A training completion is counted if (i) an employee has completed the e-learning (this is automatically registered in a database), or (ii) if an employee has attended a classroom training and signed off an attendance form In 2015, we launched an anti-bribery e-learning programme for key employees to ensure that they recognise and resist bribery. The anti- bribery training is mandatory for a selected audience (those above a certain job grade and those considered to be risk groups). A training completion is counted if an employee has completed the e-learning Country Operating Company/Business Unit Algeria Tango Belarus29 Heineken Breweries Burundi Brarudi Democratic Republic of Congo Bralima Egypt Al Ahram Beverages Company Ethiopia Heineken Breweries Ethiopia Harar Brewery Ethiopia Bedele Brewery Ivory Coast Brassivoire Kenya Heineken East Africa Import Company La Réunion Brasseries de Bourbon Lebanon Almaza Mozambique Heineken Mozambique Nigeria Nigerian Breweries Russia Heineken Breweries Rwanda Bralirwa Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Brewery South Africa Heineken South Africa Tunisia Nouvelle de Brasserie 'Sonobra' Bahamas Commonwealth Brewery Brazil Cervejarias Kaiser Brasil Brazil Bavaria Canada Heineken Canada Haiti Brasserie Nationale d'Haiti Jamaica Desnoes Geddes Mexico Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Panama Cerveceria Panama St. Lucia Windward Leeward Brewery Surinam Surinaamse Brouwerij USA Heineken USA USA Lagunitas Brewing Company

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