O 113 39 -Y» Sustainability Review (continued) Promoting health and safety Safety performance llnM II1 Accidents (Relative values) Accident severity O Q, Report of the Executive Board Report of the Supervisory Board 2020 commitment Reduction of accident frequency by 20% vs 2015 (2015: 1.38; target: 1.1) Our progress On track Our contribution to the SDGs: 3.6 Reduce deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents 8.8 Protect labour rights and promote safe and secure working environments Fatal Accidents In 2018, 17 people lost their lives while working for HEINEKEN (2017: 14)21. This is unacceptable and it clearly does not reflect our Company values. Three people were HEINEKEN employees and 14 were employed by contractors or suppliers. Nine fatalities were the result of crime-related security incidents and eight were road accidents. An increase of crime-related events in Mexico contributed to the number of fatal accidents. All fatal accidents are fully investigated and lead to actions to prevent re-occurrence. Accident Frequency Our accident frequency in 2018 was 1.13, up from 1.04 in 2017 (a reduction of 18% vs. 2015). There were 1,000 accidents among HEINEKEN employees: 543 in logistics and distribution; 266 in commerce; 171 in production and 20 in other functions. The acquisition of Brasil Kirin contributed to the increase of accident frequency in 2018 and we are working to bring safety standards at the brewery in line with our global standards. Our operating companies continue to drive improvements in safety performance; in 2018 we achieved zero fatalities in our production and global construction projects for the first time. We continue to implement the HEINEKEN Life Saving Rules, introduced in 2016, to address our highest safety risks. We have a global set of rules, principles and programmes dedicated to process safety in production. To further accelerate safety performance, in 2018 we introduced two centres of expertise and developed virtual reality experiences for working at height and forklift safety. The virtual reality module is designed to embed safe behaviours by allowing people to experience the consequences of their actions. However, a large majority of work-related injuries occur outside our premises. In 2018, 49% of severe injuries happened in secondary distribution - of which 32% were related to manual handling and 19% to slips, trips and falls. We explore new methods to address those risks, as their prevention is even more challenging than in a controlled environment of our breweries. For example, we piloted a project to reduce severe injuries by using exoskeletons. For more detailed information on our health and safety performance, see our website and case studies. Financial Statements Sustainability Review Heineken N.V. Annual Report 2018 Other Information Company wide Fatalities and permanent disabilities* 2016 2017 2018' Fatalities of Company personnel 3 6 3' Fatalities of Contractor personnel 12 8 14 Permanent disabilities of Company personnel 3 1 1 Accidents (Absolute Values) Accidents of Company personnel 894 806 1,000 Accidents of Contractor personnel 171 272 404 Lost days of Company personnel 27,240 28,628 33,566 Total Workforce (FTE) 77,215 77,792 88,134 Accident severity (lost calendar days per 100 FTE Company personnel) 35 37 39 Accident frequency (accidents per 100 FTE Company personnel) 1.16 1.04 1.13 Company personnel fatalities: one in Mexico, one in Spain, one in France. Contractor personnel fatalities: five in Mexico, four in Nigeria, two in Myanmar, one in Romania, one in Vietnam and one in Ethiopia. The reporting period of the safety data presented in this chapter is December 2017 - November 2018 with the exception of fatal accident data which reflects the 2018 full year period. One fatal accident in France, included in this number, is currently still being investigated by the local authorities to determine whether this was a work-related accident. Accident frequency accidents per 100 FTE Our 2020 target 2018 2017 2016 2015 11.13 1.04 1.16 1.38 lost calendar days per 100 FTE 2018 2017 2016 39 37 35

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