aSBE33Bg TiRZY- MA J PIIÖN tiï O Q, Sustainability Review (continued) Advocating responsible consumption (continued) Building partnerships to address alcohol-related harm Przewodnik dia rodziców II Introduction Report of the Executive Board Report of the Supervisory Board 2020 commitment Every market in scope has a relevant and active partnership aimed at addressing alcohol- related harm Our progress More to do Our contribution to the SDGs: 3.5 Strengthen the prevention of substance abuse 46 of 50 markets in scope have a partnership in place to address alcohol-related harm. These partnerships address one of the following alcohol-related harms: drink driving, underage drinking, excessive consumption, drinking while pregnant, or alcohol addiction. The majority of partnerships in 2018 addressed drink driving, including a partnership in Vietnam where we are working with the National Traffic Safety Committee to implement workshops and trainings aimed at reducing drink driving among university students. In Rwanda, we worked in partnership with the Traffic Police and Road Safety Department on a road safety awareness campaign to educate drivers on the dangers of drinking and driving. In Croatia, we continued a long-running partnership to address underage drinking in collaboration with the Psychological Centre Tesa. Through this partnership, psychologists work with parents of children in high school to develop skills on communicating and setting boundaries related to alcohol consumption. In addition to in-person workshops, the psychologists also offer parents advice online and by phone. Looking ahead We will continue to engage in partnerships in the markets in scope for 2019. In addition, we will continue to invest a part of Heineken® media budget to support our responsible consumption programmes in every market where we sell Heineken® (for additional information please refer to page 134). For more details on our partnerships and progress, see our website and case studies. Financial Statements Sustainability Review Heineken N.V. Annual Report 2018 Other Information Brewing a Better World in action How to talk to a teenager about drinking? Guide for parents Grupa Zywiec joined forces with a well-known parenting blogger, Nishka, to provide guidance to help parents communicate with teenagers about alcohol. The guide was informed by research and followed up with a debate among experts in the fields of sociology, psychology and youth workers.

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