Sustainability Review (continued) Drop the C - reducing CO2 emissions (continued) Lower emissions in packaging GO O Q. Introduction Report of the Executive Board Report of the Supervisory Board Our contribution to the SDGs: 12.2 Sustainable use of natural resources 12.5 Reduce waste generation Packaging enables our brands to stand out and ensures our consumers can enjoy our beers and ciders wherever they are. Packaging is also the single largest contributor to our carbon footprint. In early 2018, we announced that we would intensify work with our suppliers and partners and set a carbon reduction target for packaging within the next two years. Innovation is at the heart of our work; we are looking for new ways to bring fresh beer and cider to consumers and we want these innovations to support our carbon reduction ambitions. For packaging, we are focused on four areas: Renew: Supporting our suppliers to make the transition to using more renewable energy in the production of our packaging. Reduce: Finding the right balance between quality packaging that embodies our premium brands and customer experience, while developing solutions - such as light-weighting or substitution - to reduce emissions. Recycle: Ensuring our packaging is recyclable and recycled, working with governments and other stakeholders, and increasing the recycled content of our packaging. Reuse: Working with our operating companies to expand returnable systems. Glass bottles that are reused through returnable systems emit six to seven times less CO2 than one-way glass bottles. Our progress We are building a better understanding of our carbon emissions in packaging, which enables us to identify new projects and partnerships with suppliers. For example, by light-weighting our aluminium cans and aluminium, we have reduced their average weight by 11% over five years, thus reducing CO2 emissions. In 2018, we joined the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative to follow best practice and support industry-wide improvements. We are harmonising and light-weighting our bottle portfolio. In the past three years, we reduced the average weight of our bottles by 7%. In 2018, we completed programmes in Italy, Austria and Russia. Looking ahead We will continue working on our CO2 emissions reduction targets for 2030, in cooperation with our packaging suppliers, subcontractors, universities, expert NGOs and start-ups. For more on our Drop the C programme approach and progress, see our website and case studies. Financial Statements Sustainability Review Heineken N.V. Annual Report 2018 Other Information Brewing a Better World in action Recycling innovation in France HEINEKEN France has partnered with start-up, Terradona®, to promote its innovative Cliiink® smart box. It encourages consumers to recycle by awarding points, which can be exchanged for vouchers to spend in local shops or donate to charity.

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