0 3.3 kg CO2/hl sold Sustainability Review (continued) Drop the C - reducing CO2 emissions (continued) Reduce emissions from distribution in Europe and the Americas O Q, Heineken N.V. Annual Report 2018 Report of the Executive Board Report of the Supervisory Board Financial Statements Sustainability Review Other Information 2020 commitment Reduce CO2 emissions from distribution by 20% in Europe and the Americas8 2018 milestone Reduce CO2 emissions from distribution by 16% in Europe and 16% in the Americas Our progress More to do Our contribution to the SDGs: 7.2 Share of renewable energy 7.3 Double the improvement of energy efficiency We achieved a 13% decrease in our emissions from distribution against the baseline, down 3% compared to 2017 (10%). In 10 out of 23 markets, we have exceeded our 20% reduction target and we continue to drive further improvements across all markets to achieve our global 2020 ambition. Emissions in Americas9 are down 27% compared to the baseline, and 17% since 2017. This was mainly driven by the integration of the former Brasil Kirin breweries which means we are now physically closer to our customers. In Europe, including Russia, emissions are down 12% compared to the baseline. Improvements delivered in 2018 were counterbalanced by unfavourable network changes, resulting in a 1% increase from 2017. We continue to explore innovative solutions such as electric trucks (e.g. in Portugal and France), driving down carbon emissions and reducing air pollution from city distribution. Furthermore we are piloting the use of sustainable biofuels (e.g. used cooking oil in Mexico). For more on our Drop the C programme approach and progress, see our website and case studies. We are working closely with our logistics service providers to find opportunities to reduce carbon emissions. We collaborate with our supply chain partners to stimulate sustainable improvements across the sector. One example is our Fuel Management Programme that we started with suppliers in 2018. Our common goal is to reduce fuel consumption through improved truck efficiency and driver behaviours. We achieved significant progress by shifting distribution routes to more sustainable modes of transport - from road to sea or rail transport - and we see a lot of potential in modal shift to further reduce our carbon footprint. Looking ahead We are in the process of defining our new 2030 targets for all our operations. For logistics, the new targets will be set for an extended operational scope, covering the full value chain, and an extended geographical scope, covering all countries we operate in. We are currently in the process of defining plans for our logistics operation that will allow us to deliver our new 2030 target. CO2 per Transport Mode of total tons CO 1 Truck 2 Ocean 3 Rail 4 Inland barge 0. CO2 emissions in distribution Our 2020 target 2018 3.3 2017 3.4 2016 3.5 2015 3.7 2014 3.9 2013 3.7 2012 3.8 2011 3.8 Brewing a Better World in action Transport Manager Training In 2018, we continued to search for new ideas around the globe to reduce our carbon emissions. A great example was HEINEKEN China, who collaborated closely with their suppliers and provided Smart Transport Manager Training for their Logistics Service Providers. All providers agreed to work together to Drop the C by improving fuel efficiency. Sustainable initiatives in Mexico All trucks from one of our biggest distribution centres in Mexico are now using biofuel, cutting CO2 emissions by 139 tonnes in 2018. We saved 295 tonnes of CO2 by implementing lightweight trailers in primary distribution in Mexico. We are exploring opportunities to expand all these projects.

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