O O Q, Sustainability Review (continued) Every Drop - protecting water resources (continued) Significant water balancing in water-stressed areas 2018 milestone Report of the Executive Board Report of the Supervisory Board 2020 commitment Aim for significant water balancing by our production units in water-scarce and water- stressed areas 18 production units in water- scarce and water-stressed areas have started to implement action plans for water balancing Our progress More to do Our contribution to the SDGs: 6.6 Protect and restore water-related ecosystems We have committed to balancing the water we take from the local watershed through water stewardship projects that compensate for the volume we don't return at the end of our processes. This means that, for every litre we produce, we aim to return the same amount in the watershed (and a bit more, as water also evaporates during the brewing process). To do it, we develop a water balancing action plan for each site - based on the local water situation and the specific needs of the surrounding watershed. 13 of the 23 production units5 in scope have begun to implement water balancing projects. The remaining sites6 have either completed the preparation phase or are at the project identification stage, where each project plan needs to fit the local environmental, social and political context. In Egypt, we launched a partnership with the Beheira Water and Drainage Company to supply equipment to enable the Company to detect leaks in the water system. In Mexico, we signed an agreement with Restauremos El Colorado, a collaboration of four NGOs from the U.S. and Mexico, to bring the river back to life and to restore wetland areas in the Colorado River delta. We also started preparations with other stakeholders to launch a Water Fund for the Guanajuato watershed, where a lot of food crops are grown. In Ethiopia, construction of three pilot sand dams has been completed in Harar. In Bedele, we have carried out several feasibility studies to identify the most effective water balancing intervention. In Indonesia, we are working with the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) to explore how to scale up our water stewardship activities, together with our partners in the Water Alliance. In Tunisia, we completed the development of the source water protection plans including potential water balancing options. Based on an initial global assessment by WWF International, we identified 13 additional sites where we investigated the water risks through in-depth local assessments. These studies confirm that three sites - Massafra (Italy), Petaling Jaya (Malaysia) and Sedibeng (South Africa) - are indeed water- stressed. We will start integrating the three new sites in our water stewardship approach. Three sites in Greece are under investigation. Studies of all other sites showed positive results, which means that no special action is needed at this moment. Looking ahead Water balancing will be an important element in our 2030 water strategy, Every Drop, and we will start developing plans to address it with all breweries in water-stressed areas. For more on our water stewardship approach and progress, see our website and case studies. Financial Statements Sustainability Review Heineken N.V. Annual Report 2018 Other Information Brewing a Better World in action Bringing the Colorado River Delta back to life HEINEKEN Mexico signed an agreement with Restauremos el Colorado - the first bi-national water trust, created for bringing the Colorado River Delta back to life in Mexico and the USA. We will donate 53 hectares of irrigation rights to the water trust which will be used to transform the dry riverbed into a flowing river.

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