0 32% 1,355 €15m 3.5 hl/hl 3.2 hl/hl 94.2m m3 Sustainability Review (continued) 1 Every Drop - protecting water resources Reduce water consumption in our breweries Total water withdrawal, including sources O Q, Heineken N.V. Annual Report 2018 Introduction Report of the Executive Board Report of the Supervisory Board Financial Statements Sustainability Review Other Information 2020 commitment Reduce average water consumption in our breweries to 3.5 hl/hl and in our breweries in water-stressed areas to 3.3 hl/hl4 2018 milestone Reduce average water consumption in our breweries to 3.6 hl/hl Our progress On track Our contribution to the SDGs: 6.4 Substantially increase water-use efficiency We decreased average water consumption in our breweries to 3.46 hl/hl in 2018, meeting our 2020 target. In water-stressed areas, the average water consumption remained at 3.2 hl/hl, surpassing the 2020 target. Water consumption still remains high at some sites. 30 sites used above 5.0 hl/hl in 2018, representing 5% of our volume (in 2017: 36 sites, 8%). We continue to invest in technology to reclaim and recycle water in our production processes, especially at our sites in water-stressed areas. Effluent reclamation plants are now in operation at our breweries in Tangerang (Indonesia), Vialonga (Portugal), Singapore and are being planned in Meoqui and Tecate (Mexico), Sedibeng (South Africa), Kilinto (Ethiopia) and Vung Tau (Vietnam). Looking ahead As part of our new water strategy, Every Drop, we aim to further reduce water use of our breweries. The new strategy will be announced in the course of 2019. For more on our water stewardship approach and progress, see our website and case studies. Our 2020 target I Water consumption (global average) (Hl/hl beer, cider, soft drinks and water) Water consumption - breweries in water-stressed areas Our 2020 target 2018 3.2 2017 3.2 2016 3.3 2015 3.6 2014 3.8 decrease in water consumption (hl/hl) compared with 2008 Olympic-sized pools - the equivalent volume of water we saved in 2018 compared to 2017 saved through water efficiency since 2009 52% Groundwater 15% Surface water, including water from wetlands, rivers, lakes and oceans 33% Municipal water supplies or other water utilities Brewing a Better World in action Water Treatment Plant in Singapore Our new €1.2 million water treatment plant will recycle 11% of the water we use in Singapore brewery, saving 66,750 m3 of water each year. The plant was built in a joint development project between our operating company in Singapore, Public Utilities Board (PUB) and National University of Singapore (NUS).

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