O O c DE /N Sustainability Review (continued) Our sustainable development focus areas Every Drop - protecting water resources Drop the C - reducing CO2 emissions Sourcing sustainably Advocating responsible consumption Promoting health and safety Growing with communities Values and behaviours O Q, Heineken N.V. Annual Report 2018Ï 120 Report of the Executive Board Report of the Supervisory Board Financial Statements Sustainability Review Other Information Water is vital to meeting the needs of a growing global population and is a key ingredient of our products. Our operations depend on its constant supply and, in some areas, may be significantly impacted by the risks of water stress and scarcity. We decreased water consumption in our breweries by 32% since 2008, treated most of the wastewater and continued water balancing activities in water-stressed areas. In early 2019, we launch our new 2030 water strategy to continue and expand our impact on the health of the watershed. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing society. We feel responsible for our share in cutting CO2 emissions and limiting climate change. We are ahead of our 2020 ambition for production (reduction of 47% in 2018 vs. the baseline) and cooling (50%). We continue efforts to reach the target in distribution (13%). We reassessed our carbon footprint, last published in 2015, to show our emissions across the entire value chain. In 2018, we launched our CO2 reduction strategy for 2030, Drop the C. It focuses on energy efficiency, electricity and thermal renewable energy generation in production, distribution, packaging and cooling. With the global population predicted to reach nine billion by 2050, agricultural productivity must grow while protecting natural resources and biodiversity. We support the development of sustainable agricultural value chains. The share of crops we source from sustainable farms continues to grow. However, the proportion of raw materials regionally sourced in Africa and the Middle East reduced due to challenges in the supply of local ingredients in the format required by our breweries. We continue close cooperation with smallholder farmers to increase productivity and improve food security. We are pleased that our suppliers reached 95% compliance with the HEINEKEN Supplier Code. We encourage consumers to drink alcohol responsibly through our marketing activities, sponsorships and partnerships. Our global Formula 1™. partnership gives us a platform to deliver our 'When You Drive, Never Drink' campaign. Behavioural research dedicated to responsible consumption and drink driving supports us in targeting our campaigns and programmes. We are ahead of industry requirements by putting ingredients and nutrition information on our beer and cider brands, because we believe consumers need this information to make their choices. As consumers look for greater choice, we are expanding the variety of products and reach of our low- and no- alcohol category. Nothing matters more than the safety of our people. That is why 'Safety First' is our number one Company behaviour and the name of our strategy to address safety risks. Our Life Saving Rules are a key tool for preventing serious accidents and everyone in the Company is required to comply with them. We still have more work to do to prevent fatalities and serious accidents in our operations. We identify high safety risk areas across our business and implement actions to tackle them, with a special focus on road safety in 2018. We recognise our impact on and responsibilities towards the communities we operate in. Our biggest contribution is through our core business: in 2018, HEINEKEN provided over 85,000 direct jobs and paid €11.7 billion in taxes. We also aim to contribute to the social and economic wellbeing of communities by investing in and encouraging local entrepreneurship, education and community initiatives, giving donations and undertaking volunteer activities. The HEINEKEN Africa Foundation supports projects that improve health for people living in communities near our breweries in the Africa region. of business conduct Our values and behaviours reflect what we stand for - conducting business with integrity, development of inclusive work environment and respect for people and their human rights. They apply to all areas of our business and are a key part of our Company manifesto 'We are HEINEKEN', our recently revised Code of Business Conduct and Human Rights Policy.

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